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A classic children's story by LewisCarroll?, now updated and shortly to be released in RTS form.

The White Rabbit is the basic melee unit. It's fast but somewhat unreliable.
The Mad Hatter is the advanced spellcaster. Created at the "Tea Party" building, they command powerful elements, but have a capricious tendency to affect your own forces with splash damage. The Tea Party has additional strategic significance in that it is were you can research the "Tea" or "Brioche" upgrades. "Tea" increases the combat strength of your Dormice and Mad Hatters. "Brioche" lets your Mad Hatters provide an armour upgrade for your White Rabbits, which also allows you to use the Hatters as harevester units.
The dormouse itself is a spy of sorts. Installed in your enemy's tea-pot, it acts as a sleeper unit.
Horses and men can be used as repair units.
The CheshireCat? is a powerful stealth unit. Few enemy commanders will notice the disembodied grin sneaking around their troops to steal their resources. The Cat is also immune to the marauding sandworms in the "Through the Looking Glass" expansion campaign.
Alice is the "heroine" unit: indestructible, she confers a morale bonus on all your troops, although she can't deal much damage herself unless you've invested in "Eat Me" powerups.
(bug) (balance issue?) It is impossible to complete several scenarios using only alice, providing a 'DrinkMe?' escape route seems advisable.  (Specific example: Failure in pursuit scene, cuasing loss of Rabbit melee/pursuit unit via excess lateness, leaves alice stuck in the plain white room rather than correctly moving to the garden campaign.)  --Vitenka
HumptyDumpty is a new heavy disruption unit in the expansion. He can apply words to have a 50% chance of Distracting and Confusing your opponents (although this ability doesn't work on the Queen of Hearts (or Red Queen, in the expansion), the enemy heroine). He was thought to be indestructible also, but this has been proved wrong.
Note: Players of the 'king' cannot repair disruption units, as balance for their ability to begin at the beginning.

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