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Real Time Strategy, a genre of CategoryComputerGames, where the player controls his loyal minions, usually battling against foes, either computer controlled, or controlled by other players. Examples include StarCraft, WarCraft, TotalAnnihilation, Homeworld, BattleCruiser and the CommandAndConquer series. Distinct from TBS.

Other examples are DungeonKeeper and AgeOfEmpires? / AgeOfKings? / etc.

The best computer game ever, Argus Press's Alien for the ZX Spectrum (download from ftp://ftp.worldofspectrum.org/pub/sinclair/games/a/Alien.tap.zip to play on your Spectrum emulator), probably counts as one of these.

See RTSvsTBS for the advocacy,  APerfectRTS for the dreaming, and click the title for other RTS-related pages on the Wiki.

[Rise and Fall: Civilisations at war] - another one goes free.  --Vitenka

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