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New question:

I've been trying to do nested "If", "then" statements on excel this morning, but hit a block because Excel can only do 7 nested.  My query is simple, If cell B4 contains the word Blah, then input Blah into cell A4.  If cell B4 contains word Meh, then input Meh into cell A4.  Now, there's no problem with this, but it's messy and long...

Lots of websites suggest an alternative function named VLOOKUP, but I can't figure out how to use this with the if, then function.  I've googled, but none of the examples given (that I've found) look anything like the function I'm trying to perform.  Anybody? --AR

I rather suspect I'm missing something, but why not set A4 to "=B4"? Or is it that there are (say) 10 values you need to transfer over, and any other value should be ignored? Or something else? --CH
Erm, because A4 does not equal B4, it "contains" some of the same text. --AR
Ah, yes. Missed that... --CH

I am trying to create a spreadsheet in excel for which I need three axis.  Unfortunately, excel only provides two (1,2,3,4 etc.) and (A,B,C,D).  Does anybody have workable solutions?
How long does the shortest axis need to be? --M-A
I have resolved the issue by just creating a new worksheet, which was a pain.  The shortest axis was about 8 pieces of data long.

I have been thinking of buying a panini maker.  Does anybody know from where it's possible to buy the paninis which fit into such a device?
Afraid not, but do you realise that 'panini' is already plural...? --M-A
The singular being paninum? Paninus? --CH
[Panino] - 'tis Italian, not Latin. --M-A

For ages and ages now, I've wanted to get hold of the Sim people software.  Since Sims 2 is out now, I was able to get Sims 1, with lots of add-ins.  The problem is that I'm not quite sure how to solve certain problems, having played for a while.  I have a fridge, but my sims are hungry and refuse to make themselves any snacks.  Anybody else come across this?

Sorry, not my kind of game, but if you don't mind a lot of reading and some potential spoilers, there's no better place than [GameFaqs] --K

I solved it by realising that they couldn't get to the refrigerator :) --AR

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