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This is a homepage/clutter gathering page for interests associated with Angela Rayner.

Angela is currently working in IT.

Angela loves God and Theology and long discussions with people about ThingsThatMatter.

One day, Angela might consider writing a theological dissertation on the work of Judith Butler, liturgy, performativity and gender.

Currently, Angela likes to read StanleyHauerwas, RowanWilliams, ThomasAquinas?, JudithButler?, StAugustine, JamesAlison?, KarlBarth?, JohnHowardYoder? and HansUrsVonBalthasar?.  She has a continuing interest in issues relating to gender, sexuality and theology, and a new interest in issues pertaining to the practice of hospitality and intentional communities.  She's also still interested in liturgy and church renewal.  Also, she is slowly developing an interest in theology and politics, but particularly theology /as/ politics and theology's potential to form the speech of those who will constitute a radical and alternative polis.

Angela wonders how long it's practical to keep speaking about oneself in the third person without sounding ridiculous?  Angela enjoys gardening 50 feet in the air. She also likes messing about with wormeries, getting covered in mud and figuring out new ways to minimise her carbon footprint.

These days, she spends time attending various meetings on civic matters in her corner of London.  Angela is a sucker for saying "yes" when asked to join local committees, but she enjoys it (mostly).  Her time is otherwise spent pointlessly surfing the net!

Angela lives in South London and her idea of a good night is one spent in the company of friends, good food, BottlesOfWine, Candles and Scrabble? or SettlersOfCatan.

Angela collects academic quotes from various sources.

If you want to find out more about Angela's interests, you might be interested in the page that bookmarks all of her URLS:

AngelaRayner/AllMyURLs (incomplete)

AngelaRayner/TemporaryQuoteStorage (Contrary to first glance, it is actually a place for quotes to live permanently.)

AngelaRayner/QuoteDiscussion (for those who want to discuss the quotes and not clog up the main quotes page)

Also, AngelaRaynerNotesInProgress for academic notes being taken.



AngelaRayner/TechnicalQuestions - For Angela's questions to Wikizens on technical matters.


AngelaRayner/OnTheGiftOfTheChurch (Probably more random mutterings)

My Amazon Wishlist:

[UK Wishlist]
(I need to continue task of moving everything from US wishlist to UK one to consolidate)

[Old US Wishlist]

If you come across something you think I might like to read, scribble it down here:

Soren Kierkegaard "Fear and Trembling"


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