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A semi-mythical character, usually seen rarely and fleetingly, but when seen can be seen running the whole wiki through a SpellCheck.

SpellChecker? shirley? -- Senji
Who's she? - SunKitten

Random Facts and Quotes

364 days younger than MoonShadow
22 years older than ToothyCat.net
Married to Nat (hence the /WeddingPlanning page, which served its purpose well)

Officially on-call for emergency grammar consultations.
How about emergency birthday date consultations? ;) - SunKitten
Pretty useless at that, as it appears... oops. --M-A
Fan of CambridgeFreecycle - it helps me de-junk!.

"Constant high quality help", according to my brother. :)

...Wai! Person who actually does more to maintain the wiki than the sysadmin! -- a grateful MoonShadow

M-A is credited with transforming CCMS from a bunch of layabout teaching students to the lean, mean, musical-producing machine it is today. -- ChiarkPerson

M-A is also known for being of the opinion that any time anyone mentions a word which is also a Wiki page that it should be linked.  Eg:
M-A pointed me to the Google results for "CCMS": bad!
M-A pointed me to the Google results for "CCMS": good!
MoonShadow sees this as a generally good thing. The wiki is sort of like a big bear trap for people doing Google searches, relying on ManicLinkClickingDisorder as its method of action; the more words are crosslinked, the more people get trapped and the longer they stay trapped :)

A categorisation addict, creator of such things as CategoryPlace, which made M-A a possible contender for the GuinessBookOfRecords? award in Wiki minor edits in a single day...

26/04/04 - Welcome back!  At least, I take it you're back rather than editing wiki pages from your honeymoon location? --MJ
:) Yes, I am back - I don't get enough leave to take a two-week honeymoon, unfortunately. --M-A
It's a hard life...  Are you prepared to share with us any such trifling details as where you went?
<Rolls die to see how pedantic to be today. Gets a 6.> Yes. :) --M-A
OK, where did you go? *sigh*  And what else did you do that was exciting but not necessarily predictable, that you'd like to tell us about. *checks for possible logically-allowed yes/no answers* *presses save* --MJ
... the reply should probably be about electron shells.  --Vitenka
Sorry... <looks contrite> The Isle of Man.  Lots of trams and trains for Nat and interesting folky things for me.  We've taken three films of photos, which will probably be shown around once we've got them developed.  And, whilst there were beaches, we didn't pick up any particularly interesting shells to bring back, even electron shells (hmm, not great, but it's my best effort). --M-A
I'll forgive you :)  I'll look forward to the photos.  In a year's time probably given the difficulties we seem to have with diary coordination! --MJ
Truer than I knew at the time! --MJ, 25/04/05
One day, I really will show round the honeymoon photos! --M-A, 17/09/05
I believe I still haven't seen them... --MJ, 1/8/06
Indeed.  This should be rectified.  Really.  Honestly... --M-A
Having bumped into MJ and Liz last week Nat notes that he and M-A have just celebrated their 4th wedding anniversary and MJ has probably still not seen the photos... --Nat
We could raise a theological point here - will there be photographs in heaven?  If so, I'll look forward to them >:> --MJ

BNF: M-A/LabyrinthChant - teehee.
BNF: M-A/WorshipLeaderGenerator - MuHaHaHa.


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