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It's going to happen.

WhiteMiddleClassLiberalGuilt all over again.

...*google* *google*... http://www.xs4all.nl/~aboiten/ad503.htm

Ah, I understand now.

Why AntiChristian?

It just struck me, while I was semi-seriously agreeing about DungeonsAndDragons being AntiChristian that there probably really is a growing bias of AntiChristian mentality, and that it has a different meaning to the 'immoral' meaning that it is usually given.  For context, yesterday evening I found myself making up new lyrics to AnotherBrickInTheWall? that were decidedly slanderous against the catholic priesthood - and then realised that:
  1. They probably weren't legally slanderous.
  2. Most people that I know would probably find them funny rather than offensive.
Such a big organisation, now fallen on hard times and increasingly attacked by those who are in groups which no longer affiliate themselves just seems a good fit.  A backlash seems about due.  --Vitenka (no pun intended)


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