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A dance modelled on the corrida. The man represents the toreador, and the lady his cape. Although the paso originated in Spain, popularity in France resulted in most steps having French names.

An example routine, taught by Clive:
Facing C, closed hold. Syncopated separation (appel R 1, fwd 2, fwd 3, close rising 4; lady has appel L 1, bk 2, bk 3, bk 4; then man has 4 steps bk RLRL 5678 steps crossed slightly behind other foot; lady has 4 steps fwd stepping high). Close &; point L 1; close &; point R 2; zigzag (bk R 3; side turning L 90 &; outside 4. Grand circle (4 beats man turns to left to face LoD transferring weight fully to R ball and leading lady round. Left foot variation (fwd L 1, R 2, L 3; point R outside 4. Close R to L &; point 5. Close 6, side 7, close 8). Attack (appel R 1, fwd 2, side turning to face C 3, close 4; on 2-4 bring L arm in circle down to side.) Coups de pique (R point across left swivelling to back LoD 5; swivel back closing R 6; swivel L again stepping bk L 7; swivel back closing R to L 8; appel L &; R point across again 1; R close to L 2; swivel L stepping bk L 3; swivel back stepping side R 4; close L to R &. Rise and fall: toes when feet closed). Reverse fallaway (slip R bk 5; fwd L 6; side R turning L but keeping foot pointing to C 7; back L down LoD 8; back R turning L to roughly backing diag wall 1; replace turning L 2; side R turning into promenade 3; close 4). Promenades (appel R 5; fwd L down LoD 6; fwd R turned R 7; back L turning R to back LoD 8; side and bk a bit R turning R 1; across in CP 2; fwd 3; side (well, stepping diag centre) 4; side R turning to C 5; close 6; spend two beats wishing Clive had put a couple more steps in 7, 8).

StuartFraser, however, reads it anyway, and attempts to follow it as well, although doesn't quite make sense of all the notation (and doesn't know the Paso...)
Appel means stamp. Point means no transfer of weight. Except for the "point R outside" which is forward to the lady's right side (left as you look at her), the points are to the appropriate side.

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