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I'm not sure quite why you've ended up on this page, since I'm not around on ToothyWiki that much any more so my name tends not to appear on RecentChanges like it used to, but hello there anyway.

By day, I work on improving the design of electron microscopes for CarlZeiss? in Cambridge. My job title is "Experimental Physicist", something that a 13-year old me would have considered to be mission accomplished; I take a bit of pride in that. The rest of the time, I try to keep myself occupied with a variety of pursuits, including archery, attending GamesEvening (at which I'm probably best known for my regular production of /SweetThings), a bit of BallroomDancing and occasionally some /AcrobaticRockAndRoll, making LetsPlay? videos (so far, primarily of the WingCommander series), and maybe some cricket when I've got the time. I'm currently playing a ton of /DominionsFour, and using that page to make notes on things that did and didn't work.

Music's a big part of my life, although usually an incidental one; I don't really play an instrument (sort of Grade 3-4ish piano but that hardly counts), but as noted above I'm a dancer, I sing to myself a lot, I often express my moods through music, both in terms of what's in my head and what's on my current playlists (if you catch me singing/humming The Fields of Athenry, something is wrong), and I'll generally go and see live folk music in Cambridge when my favoured groups are dropping by, or at the CambridgeFolkFestival?.

Before I worked for Zeiss I lived briefly in Salisbury where I worked for [Nanosight], who made clever particle size analysers, and before that (if we leave out the year or so of trying to find a job) I did a PhD and a NatSci undergrad in Cambridge, at StJohnsCollege and in the Department of MaterialsScience?

You may know me as [Ilanin].


General thanks to MoonShadow for doing a global find/replace on RogueAngel...

Writes occasional pieces of fiction and nonfiction on Image: 78 [adarisa] and generally invites comment on them. 

SF is also a CategoryAbbreviation for Science Fiction. This has caused entertaining confusion on the ToothyChat more than once.

Why silly names for your faction are always good in 4X games, from Something Awful:
"By now all of you are aware that Steve Earle is a problem. In truth, he has been a problem for some time now, but one that I'd hoped I would be able to destroy with the help of The Internet before it could impact the rest of you. Unfortunately this has not turned out to be the case, and he has become a problem we must all face together. I reach out even to you, Secular Humanism; while I know that your inscrutable alien designs care little for the suffering of the people, you must at least recognise Steve Earle's damaging influence on the slaves whose minds you have consumed.

"Let us all join together beneath the banner of Ambiguity, then, and rid our people of Steve Earle forever. Send what astral pearls you are able to contribute upon receipt of this message, and in the following month we will strike down this black mark he has placed upon the world while the armies of The Internet close upon his home to ensure he will never again commit such a crime. Remember, pearls for Pythium please and preserve plentitudes of pondering progenitors. Think of the beards, and act today."


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