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Usually means Modern Ballroom Dancing - a set of five dances, being /EnglishWaltz?, /VienneseWaltz?, /Quickstep?, /SlowFoxtrot and /InternationalTango?.

More accurately, refers to Modern and Latin, where the Latin dances comprising Ballroom are /ChaCha, /Rumba, /Jive?, /PasoDoble and /Samba?.

Why do so many [male] geeks do BallroomDancing? [The answer].

StuartFraser has wanted somewhere to put this quotation for ages, so he'll put it here:

"I did everything that Fred Astaire did, backwards and in high heels."
- Ginger Rodgers Should that be Rogers?
Not sure. Suppose I could check if I got really bored. (Google says 'Rogers' was her name. However 'Rodgers' is euphoniouser and more amusing.)

Question for BallroomDancers?: Is the James Bond theme a quickstep? StuartFraser thinks it is, but isn't sure.
Which theme?  There was a different one for each film...
The James Bond Theme. Dum da-da-dum, de de de dum da-da-dum de de de dah DAH! da-da-dum
I'd go for dum diddely-dum, de de de, dum diddely-dum, de de de, DAH DAH... da-da-dum, but that's just my preference. :)
Precisely. Most of the title songs are also great to dance to, but it's generally utterly obvious what they are (You Only Live Twice is definitely StuartFraser's favourite ChaChaCha?)
It's a jive, according to Google: see http://ballroomdancemusic.info/Album/WithLove1107.htm
*Loads Music* Ewww...ThatsJustWrong. No. I don't like that categorisation at all.
Now that I've worked out which tune it is, it's a quickstep.  Absolutely definitely.  I would not jive to it, ever.  Well, maybe if you paid me...
You must have been at the ball during one of those dances where half the floor is jiving in the middle and the rest are quickstepping round the edge?  It's quite a fine line.  Personally I prefer to quickstep as I'm so out of practice and that's easier to follow, so maybe I just hear what I want to...
(PeterTaylor) I can't remember which tune it was, but there was a rumba which was played once at GD which was blatantly a foxtrot.

See also CDC, /Notation.

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