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Cambridge Christian Musicals Society.  Former university society, now an occasional brand name for Christian musicals in Cambridge.

Archived website available at: http://www.thetalisman.org.uk

CCMS MayWeek show 2006, "The Ministry of Death", is taking place at 4pm on Sunday 18 June inside the BigDress, a tent on Christ's Pieces (the corner where nobody ever goes, with the tennis courts, near King Street). Admission 3, tickets will be available on the door. Flap. Whatever.

Rachael and AlexChurchill are going. AlexChurchill has some additional tickets available for sale, or alternatively they can be bought from LivingStones? cafe.

They write, rehearse and produce Christian musicals in Cambridge.  People's opinions of the musicals seem to range from "unsubtle allegory of the Christian message with some bad songs" to "funny and thought-provoking night out with some great songs". The opinions are truer some years than others.

CCMS Shows

Ministry of Death (Mayweek 2006)

Written by EdCooke?;

The Cause Of Thunder (MayWeek 2005)

Written by EdCooke?;

Tragedy to End All Tragedies (MayWeek 2004)

Written by AmyArthur;

What's a Grecian Urn?

Another Job Well Done (2004)

Written by ChipEdmonds?;
Magic, Gangstas and Bananas

Burglar Alarming (ICantRememberWhen?)

Written by ChipEdmonds?;
Nooooooo!  Don't hurt Nick's Daddy!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!''

Soul Trader (Mayweek 2003)

The 2003 MayWeek show, 'Soul Trader', was written by EdCooke?, music by JeffNeate?, and starred JacquelineWalpole (Salana from Frontiers) and StuGill (Monty from WorkingAngelsClub?).

"A revolutionary approach to Brechtian direction, amazing original music and the mysterious Soul Trader herself combine with witty and meaningful dialogue to make this a show you need to see."

"One of Satan's craftiest henchwomen (Walpole) arrives to torment the lives of three budding Christians in the prime of their youth, love and friendship.
    She professes the power to renew the soul, but only after causing the damage herself. Manoeuvring both the agnostic Nick (David Ault, "Dinner At Marguerita's") and the strong Christian Spenter (Gill) into Faustian actions.
    She interferes with their relationships to the local hotty Joy (Alice Blogg) and to God. The field is prepared for the battle between Evil's sensual lusts and God's unmitigated Mercy. The souls of humankind are the spoils..."

Dance To My Tune (2003)

Written by AmyArthur;

Seeeeeeeeeeeee how they ruuuuuuuuun!!!

Frontiers Episode I: Salana (Mayweek 2002)

Written by EdCooke?;
2002 saw the first CCMS MayWeek show, Frontiers Episode I: Salana.  This tradition continued for the next two years.

The Talisman (2002)

Written by EdCooke?;

Made my head hurt.  Ow!  Meep!
I'll get you Silas, and your non-linear plot lines!

Frontiers (2001)

Written was by StevenKitson?

Working Angels' Club (2000)

Adapted by Steven Kitson based on MartinSaunders?' original script.

BeforeWorkingAngelsClub? (OhMyGoodnessThatWasAnIncrediblyReallyVeryQuiteLongTimeAgo?)

Before that, no-one on the ToothyWiki was a member... Before that was Scoop... Before that was practically prehistory.

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