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Bah.  Bah bah bah.
To be expanded on later.

They have the same working hours I do. Which annoys. But I am still curious to find out what prompted this page... ^-^ - MoonShadow

<deep breath>
Council Tax.  I moved in October.  They have screwed up everything since then.  I told them I'd moved, to a new address, but there was still only one of me, so please could they not charge the full amount.  Nothing happened.  They still took money out of my account for my old house.  I rang them.  I spoke to a very nice lady, who reassured me that she's sort it all out.  They worked out that I'd moved.  But nothing else.  So now they think that I owe them loads of money for my new house, but they have exactly the right amount of money off me, albeit for my old house (presumably the new tenant there will get a nasty shock after this has all been sorted out - they haven't paid council tax for the last six months!). They are now taking money just for my new house out of my account, but it's the full amount, not the reduced rate for only being one person in a place. So yesterday they sent me a nasty letter demanding that I pay them NOW or get taken to court.  It says to ring them if I think that the letter was sent in error.  They helpfully previde two numbers to ring - I rang them both, and they were both engaged.  So how am I supposed to sort it out?

Yeah - tax just went up 22% here - and I got a similar nasty demand for the tenant before last.  Taking me to court as someone else... it might be worth it.  The amount isn't too extraordinary, and I get a whole second identity.  Sounds fair to me.  --Vitenka

We had a nasty case of suddenly-discovering-massive-backlog-of-charges some six months after we moved in, but that was actually a failure on the part of our conveyancing lawyers who were supposed to send certain bits of paperwork to the council and didn't. We'd been dutifully forwarding all the bills to the previous owner, who had moved to Scotland, since they were addressed to him. The council were very understanding, but couldn't do anything about it until they had the document in question so they could open an account for us; we had to chase the lawyers up and get them to send it (they keep files around for *ages*). This was leasehold stuff, though, not council tax.

How to get through to the council on the telephone:

Kind of hard to do whilst I'm sitting at work in an eerily quiet room with lots of programmers (and two directors) sitting working (and eavesdropping).  I've rung each number twice, and they were all engaged. Now I'm going to write to them. That way, I know that I've said all that I need to. I only got the reminder yesterday; I'll post my reply today and they should get it tomorrow. --M-A

It worked!  I got a new bill a couple of days ago, along the lines of:
Original amount
- Discount
+ New tax year amount
- Discount
- Amount paid this year
- Amount transferred from other account
= Please pay us 14.
Which is fine.  Quite a relief! --M-A


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