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Words. Single. Sentences. Contain. Should. Multiple. Words. Unnecessary. Avoid.

Equiviewworthy. CampaignAgainstMultipleWorldSentences. CategoryYoda
Honourablemention.  AltAdjectiveNounVerbVerbVerb.
Honourablemention?  Multiple! Cheating! WikiWords. Singles. Allowed. Honourablemention? Charlatan! Unspaced. Double. Undeniable...
True. Apologise. Overstepped. Insufficient. Lobotomy.  ("Equiviewworthy"? Combination? Permitted? Stretching?)
Stretching. Methinks. Ignorant. Correctable
Equiviewworthy. Allowed! -Worthy. Recognised. Equi-. Recongnised. Elements. Words.

Agglutination?  Monolexical!

Laughter.  Exposition.  --Vitenka

Inexplicable.  Unapologetic.

can't I just miss the full-stops and capitals to make what I write not a sentence -ColinLeung
No. Sentence. Ungrammatical. Multiword. Worst!
Sentences. Approved. *Good*. Multiword. Detestable.  *Bad*.
No.  Above.  Addressed.  ^This.  "Word"?  Laughable!  Disagree.  Dictionary.  Unspaced.  Multiword.  Undeniable.  --AC

Anticipate. Suggestion. Hyphenated. Allowed? Dictionary. Invaluable. Adjudication.

One. Word. "Silly".

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