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Welcome, Colin!  --AlexChurchill

Life is indeed a random collection of event. I've been introduced to a random group of people playing a random set of games (GamesEvening) by a random person, just because (for no apparent reason) I've started playing MagicTheGathering (and got addicted) and needed people to play against. Got MoreThanBargainedFor?, learned lots of other games and met more random StrangePeople (and Mathmos).

Am an Engineer at StJohnsCollege, seemed to be confused and in a daze most of the time, I have been accussed for having flexible morality views and strange ideas, but I'm just confused really. Oh, and also a BadSpeller?.

And also plays MagicTheGathering...

You mentioned a while back that you might want to put your /MtGTrades up on the wiki... that link would be an appropriate place :)

I might, but all my cards are at home and I'm REALLY far away from home at the moment. I've recently brought a pack of Urza's Saga though. The rares are:

MTG: Serra Avatar
MTG: Tolarian Academy
MTG: Phyrexian Colossus

Not bad, seeing the next expansion's artifact heavy.
That does indeed look like a very reasonable set of Saga rares to open.  Better than the MTG: Antagonism, MTG: Rune of Protection: Lands, and so on that I always seemed to get in my Saga boosters.  --AlexChurchill

btw, how do you put in those cool link things?

Hehe.  Which link things?  If you want to link to another WikiPage, just type two or more CapitalisedWords without spaces between them, like this: ToothyWiki.  If you want to make a hyperlink like http://www.google.co.uk, just type it like that with the http: start.  If you want a MtG card link, start it with MTG: and replace the spaces with + signs, like this: MTG: Phyrexian Colossus .  --AlexChurchill, realising the latter is most likely what you wanted

Wow, this is cool, the Wiki programmer is indeed a genius!

That he is!  By the way, often the best way to see how something's done is to go to a page where you see an example of it, and click "Edit this page" to see how they did it.  Or there's useful info at ToothyWikiInternals/Documentation .  Enjoy yourself! :)  --AlexChurchill


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