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A permanent email forwarding service for UniversityOfCambridge alumni.

Very useful.

Has the drawback that everyone to whom you give your email address verbally thinks it's camtab. Even when you spell it out and specify "N for November". And so you don't receive emails. You would think that people living in Cambridge, even if they have no connection to the university, would have heard the term "Cantab" - I had before I had anything to do with the university, even without living round here.

Of course, they could just handle mail to both domains equally - that would be simpler.  --Vitenka (who wonders if liverpudlian.net does similar things?  Macunian.net?)
That would involve registering the domain camtab.net - it's up for grabs, btw. Not my decision, the running of cantab.net is being shifted into the hands of www.aluminati.net , it's all up to them. Jay

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