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Original Poster - normally used in NewsGroups but applicable to a wiki also. On ToothyWiki, used to provide points of reference for pages where "I" was used and/or opinions given by OP and inline attributions would break the flow.

Operator - used in IRC to indicate those with Power

One Power - used on [rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan]

Observation Post - mil.

Operation - mil and medical and gaming and just about everyone really.
Surely that's Op rather than OP?
Op? and OP both come here...  Or maybe they don't.  I thought we'd fixed strange capitalisation things with the various CaseSensitiveNamesConsideredHarmful type stuff?
No, I don't think so, and I don't think there are any plans to do so.  Remember the Preferences option "Split WikiWords in titles", which would render the title of "CaseSensitiveNamesConsideredHarmful" as "Case Sensitive Names Considered Harmful".  A number of wikis do this by default, without offering the choice not to.  Besides which, are people particularly *likely* to type "[[Op]]" in a discussion of military operations?
Probably by accident they are more likely to do so than they are to talk aboud DavidEddings.  --Vitenka
... ... ... ...What?!? I've tried several times to discover the meaning behind that comment, and failed each time so far... Semantically, it makes sense, but...??  --AC (hoping he's not causing offence)
Um.  Yes.  I would appear to have meant RobertJordan.  Readers of both works would understand my mistake as a SubtleJoke?, but actually it was just a BrainFart. (Besides, Operator goes to Op too.)

OldPeculier - nice beer. --Jumlian

OPening. Often used by anime fans to designate the music used in the opening sequence (ED, EnDing? is used to designate the ending music, dontyaknow..) --Tsunami

Order of Preachers - The letters OP after a name indicate that the person is a member of the Dominican religious order.
Heeeeres yer CategoryAwfulPun OfficialNoPrize:

Over Powered - Often used in CategoryComputerGames to describe an item / ability which is perceived as being unfairly strong to the point of unbalancing a game. In context: "omw, Sniper too OP, plz nerf" --WeirDoe


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