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Things like [GameMaker] and RpgMakerTwoThousand and other things which make it easier to create games without doing any actual work.

RenPy ought to be linked here too. So here you go. [1]

ZZT is an old but excellent game-creation utility for those who, like Rachael, still think ASCII characters constitute graphics.
Over the Christmas holidays in first year I used it to write an adventure game set in EmmanuelCollege. It was my first exposure to anything at all object-oriented, as it allows you to set up objects for the player to interact with, which can store variables and pass them to each other; so you can implement cool and useful things like expanding the range of conversational choices with character B once the player has said the right things to character A, or pushing buttons in Front Court to open locked doors in North Court, all with really quite simple syntax.
(Did anyone else think the title of this page referred to people who create games?)
Oooh, it could do.  The pages it originated on didn't use it that way, though.  --Vitenka

SeeAlso: CategoryComputerGames

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