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Due to the nature of the ToothyWikizens round here, there are many mathematical things on the ToothyWiki.

Perhaps MathematicallyMindedPeople might want to link from their homepage to here...

You mean we have to admit to it??  Besides, categorising yourself as Maths seems a little presumptuous... - Kazuhiko
Where's that quote?  Oh yes.  "Biologists sometimes like to pretend that they are Chemists, Chemists sometimes pretend that they are Physicists, Physicists like to think that they are Mathematicians - and Mathematicians think that they are God."
Get it right, Mathematicians know they're God
As do some sysadmins. "root, God, what's the difference?"
OK, then, mathematicians can link to MathematicallyMindedPeople.
But we already have a link for ThoseWhoAreThatWayPerverted, why the redundancy?
   - StuartFraser, now going to RunAndHide
Because MathematicallyMindedPeople is for people who are this way perverted. :P

[Number spiral] - interesting patterns in primes and stuff

[Happy Face Math]


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