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(click title to search for rants about smoking - few people remain neutral on the issue, but a number of rants exist around the wiki)

"Little looks cooler than a man in a sharp suit and shadows, a cigarette in his hand and smoke curling around."

My parents and my grandparents all smoke.  I have asthma.  My sisters have asthma.  Being in the same room as smoke makes my eyes water, my nose itch and I need to cough.  Smoking is also, obviously, addictive.
Given all of the bad things a ciggarette does to you (as I understand it, you first one makes you want to hack up your lungs and burn out your tongue) - how the hell is anyone stupid enough to ever smoke the second and third they need to get hooked?  I mean, ok, peer pressure for the first one, maybe... (Vitenka?)

Requiem's uncle had a lung transplant due to smoking-related illness, and for quite some time required bottled oxygen to get on with life. His grandfather's breathing sounds painful, whether it is or not. He himself has enough wrong with his pulmonary system not to be able to smoke without suffering from a cough for six months. DemonWeed? indeed.

Bobacus is (a|be)mused that this is a full-blown category :-)

CategoryCategory, CategoryRant

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