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Arthur Norman quotes:

After two minutes I'll start waving my hands around, and after two and a half minutes, if you're still talking, I'll come over and strangle you.

Let me explain why you signed up for it. Would you kindly place your arm behind your back like so? Thank you. *twists arm*

You define functions in ML by putting 'fun' in front of them, and that's why it's such an entertaining language.

I'm really happy these aren't my notes because otherwise the consultative committee would be complaining about that missing semi-colon...

Rather than giving you a technical answer to the question, I'm going to give you a rather half-baked answer... my phone is broken.

I wonder if I could slip a set of comic asides into Larry Paulson's pack of slides, so that he can be confused by them as well. Please come and see me if you have anything worthy. ((Any volunteers?))

Students always like to build a giant program that looks like a brain; we like AI because we have a number of students which would greatly benefit from being fitted with it.

Quite why he decided to run under the pseudonym 'mop' I'm not certain, but that's how I'll think of him always. (re Larry Paulson)

There's a theory that mathmos eat the pens for breakfast, and this is why the numbers always dwindle during this lecture course. *tries to write with an empty pen* They've certainly sucked this one dry.

There are some people who seem to attract blue screens of death; they have a long and profitable career ahead in software testing.So if you take a large cup of coffee, turn your computer on its side, and pour it into the fans on the power supply, you will hear sloshing and fizzing sounds, and your computer will probably fail to work afterwards. If it's a cup of sugary coffee, so that it's extra sticky, that's even better.

Spiders have ears on their legs, and if you remove all its legs and shout at it really loudly, it still won't hear you.

The CS dept doesn't encourage treatment of animals in any way at all - except you lot, of course.

Do I see another convert for the ArthurNormanFanClub?? -- Senji
Bah, he's just impossible not to quote...

Truely random quotes:

Image: 46 What is my bible doing in the custard? - Chris, CU houseparty

Ancient quotes:

Chessypig: Yay for rotten Melody teeth!
Melody: Melody does not have teeth!

Chessypig: Are you now trying to argue that black is white?
Melody: Yes!

Fuzzy logic? Is that like Fuzzy Felt, except with maths?

Mrs Kerr: Pretend that I'm... never mind, you don't need to pretend. I am an absolute moron.

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