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Much of the below is now out of date; unusually much so since Senji is transitioning and is now known as Natalie.

Iterant Wikizen.

Like Hawk I'm a member of MethSoc...

AKA Jonathan (from since time immemorial), Jon (more recently), vaKresH, Br[y|i]an, Miriam, Megaera, Lanfear, Trinity, Alicia, Anastasia, etc... (in fact, too many to count easily).
Hang on - what're you doing posting for Selwyn? then? -- Vitenka
Weren't me guv.  Stark != Senji :)
Senji claims to have a MobileBrain here: MagicTheGathering/EnvironmentKnowledge - but since he appears to lack a stationary one, I don't believe him.  --Vitenka
demo, demo.. howdidjadothat? MoonShadow has been wanting to make his StationaryBrain? mobile for ages now..
It lives in my Pocketsess?.  Made by Palm?.  -- Senji
''The current one lives in my Bagses? and is made by Nokia -- Senji

Senji also has a /Beard and a /FAQ and (elsewhere) a [/Bookmarks]


Apparantly a member of the PhoenixFeathers/RinFanClub.

Typically an Eeyore type.

And a member of HarryPotter/HufflepuffHouse, by all accounts.

Yes, well, we had to put you somewhere. Any other denizens of that esteemed academy hereabouts? (MethsocHogwarts? I mean)

Another denizen, although of MethsocHogwarts/Gryffindor?, mayhap. [Angelofthenorth]

I thought ALL MathematicallyMindedPeople will be more of a HarryPotter/RavenclawHouse member. -ColinLeung
Not necessarily. After all, Hermione isn't in Ravenclaw.
...also an EmailWhore
No, no, Emperor - you appear to be confusing me with yourself.

Currently looking for a RecentChanges Aggregator.
That WikiNow is now LongGone?, and I have one wot I wrote myself.  It might eventually get reliability and a UI or something.

Appears to have been tempted by the LordOfTheRings CCG.
But doesn't really play any more.

Senji: you might like to either take out the code that generates links to the image, dice and signature servers on the Preferences page, copy the source for them to your site or change them to point to toothycat.net - since they're currently dangling.. ^^; sorry, they're hardwired in I'm afraid :( - MoonShadow
Yeah, I've got them marked down as things to look at, wanted to get something up and working to work out the bugs in the CGI stuff (of which there were none, but the poor thing did get rather confused by [www.ysolde]'s ProxyPass? setup).

CopyrightMatters: Generally anything I post on the Wiki may be reproduced freely, although I'd rather if you checked for large chunks of text.  Any cases where this isn't true will have a notice attached.

I'm bored so I felt like coming over and spamming :) [Angelofthenorth]

Squee! --Requiem

Changes since Magic 6th Edition --ChrisHowlett
Thanks Chris.  I've checked with Sarah and I'm OK for next weekend, so where do I find details about this Prerelease? -- Senji
(PeterTaylor) Check out MagicTheGathering/PendingEvents, which is where discussion on such matters usually occurs.
You'll also want [The Games Club], who run the London prerelease. If you keep your eye on the [WotC site], they'll probably run a prerelease primer sometime next week. --CH
(PeterTaylor) Or if you e-mail me - I matriculated in 99, and have a cantab net address - I can forward you the long primer I wrote for my brother in January.
Do you have any other initials? -- Senji]
Having just visited Cantab.net, this seems irrelevant. --CH
You know, I managed to look at the website in order to check my memory of the address format, and *still* not notice that...
(PeterTaylor) As Chris points out, the directory will find me without, but if you want to construct it directly note that my middle name is John.

Thinking about a quite different pre-release, can someone give me a reminder of what I'm likely to want to take with me?
Money (obviously), some empty deckboxes for the cards you gain, trade binders, decks for playing with between tournament games, and possibly lifecounters/dice come to mind. --Edwin
Counters especially this time, I think, with the Simic grafting about all over the place... --CH
Food and drink. --Angoel
(PeterTaylor) Especially water. It's a quid for 500ml if you buy it there, and you may need quite a bit to avoid losing your voice. Or maybe that latter bit's just applicable to me.
I'll reiterate Angoel's "Food and drink" comment. You can tear up bits of paper for counters, and keep track of life on paper (you should do in tournaments anyway) - although this does mean a pen or two are a good idea. But food and water are heartily recommended - it's basically an entire day in one room, with short breaks (depending on how quickly you register for a second event after your first finishes). Bring snacky-but-filling stuff for lunch and dinner both, as well as optional snacky things (which I at least always seem to want). --AlexChurchill
It may also be an idea, given the greasy nature of most snacky-but-filling foods, to bring something to wipe your fingers on. Oh, and card sleeves are often a good idea if you have spares. --CH (who vows to bring more food this time, as he's usually woefully understocked).
What kind of card protectors are tournament legal? -- Senji
Any, so long as their backs are indistinguishable, I believe. The plainer the better, because it reduces the chance of marking; but really, no-one bothers to check at prereleases anyway. --CH
And as long as they're not reflective enough to show the card above them when you cut a deck. --AC
Lurid Green and/or Lurid Orange it is then...
(Obviously not at the same time)

Also a BoardGame. A kind of cross-breed of Risk and Diplomacy set in Shogunate Japan. Quite good, in the opinion of ChrisHowlett. See [here].

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