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Quotation collections collected by ToothyWikizens.

You could click on the title to get a list, but I'll save you the trouble.

NokkyQuotes - Quotations collected by Nokky and/or AlexChurchill
PeterTaylor/Quotes and PeterTaylor/PoliticalQuotes - Quotations collected by PeterTaylor
StuartFraser/Quotes - Quotations collected by StuartFraser
ChrisHowlett/Quotes - Quotations collected by ChrisHowlett
Quotes - Assorted other quotations
Denji/Quotes - random quotes by Denji
Vitenka/IdeasFile, Vitenka/Misquotes, Vitenka/MoreQuotes, Vitenka/Quotes...  Vitenka really ought to organise that lot.

Three of these have quotation pages elsewhere on the web, too. But I'm not going to tell you who or where! MuHaHaHa
LecturerQuotes might be a good start...

Vitenka has an entry in QBD!  [Don't worry about who Ani is]

For that matter, MoonShadow, Emperor, Senji and StuartFraser (twice) have all been quoted on alt.humor.best-of-usenet. 

It might be worth pointing out that [ucam.org] has a quotes file too...

Having been to a rather amusing lesson with the CDC last night, I was wondering whether I should have taken a dictaphone with me to record the dance teacher's (Paul's) wibblings... --M-A


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