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Being a page of things ChrisHowlett and RachelHowlett? might like should someone (most likely his mother) want to buy him a present. If you plan to buy something from the page, click "Edit this page" and remove it. Click "This change is a minor edit" (to be polite), and Save!

My List

Please note! There is some duplication in the Games between my list and Annabel's!

Cold hard cash for various purposes
Money to pay for a trip to the local boardgame café [Thirsty Meeples]
My computer died, and I have had to replace the relevant bits of it. I'd like to upgrade the graphics card too - money towards replacing that would be gratefully ringfenced. (Current total £110)
Money towards life & hobbies is always welcome

BOOKS - Terry Pratchett: A Life With Footnotes: The Official Biography

Games, in no particular order:
Note: While Amazon is linked, independent games shops are likely to be cheaper. Alternatively, if you contact me or Chel, we can probably arrange to use our local games store.

Tiny Towns (ASIN B07L1CPM28 )
Istanbul (ASIN B00ICF0P0U )
7 Wonders Duel (ASIN B014DMSTXK )
Pandemic: On the Brink (ASIN B00CAG5LJ2 )
Pandemic: In the Lab (ASIN B00CE3IA44 )
Azul (ASIN B077MZ2MPW )
Just One (ASIN B07GJ7NDZQ )

...maybe Sirius Black's wand?
...maybe one of those universal TV remotes like a wand that works on gestures?

Chel's List

If in doubt: whole nut chocolate, wispa chocolate, toffees, nice tea (english breakfast type) chablis, merlot or prosecco will always be well received!
Books on the [amazon wishlist]
vouchers or money for clothes always useful, Joe Brown's is my current favourite shop and they do gift vouchers.

Both of Us

With the house move money towards doing the garden would be helpful, we'd like to buy some more trees and some plants for the front
2 pizza stones
Chalk board labels and pen for pantry


Please don't get her any ornaments (though she loves them her surfaces get very dusty and cluttered!)

Money towards

a) a paddleboard (current fund £75)
b) towards her library reservations (adult books cost £1 to reserve and this adds up!)
If you do give her money please do say what for to help her (apparently this is important!)

Top Hat
SIX [tshirt] size small

Annabel has a collection of colourful jellycat bashful bunnies in size small she would like to further add to with a [lemon] small bunny.

Charms for her pandora compatible silver charm bracelet, she'd like ones to reflect her love of Greek history (she has one of the colosseum), Pegasus one, Aladdin's lamp one and a sparkly Cinderella carriage one.(she has quite a lot already so ask if not sure))


book/amazon/waterstones/Corsham? bookshop vouchers or money towards reservations (see above)



He'll be happy with money for his various hobbies and tech or vouchers for sports equipment, amazon, books or the Nintendo eshop
Toy sword with scabbard/frog, not too babyish
tennis racket
Books - second hand is fine
[Get Coding 2]
OR [this one] might be cheaper elsewhere.   

Both children

StuartFraser always parses this page as ChrisHowlettPresents/Ideas?, for some reason. Perhaps we should have one of those as well...
Is the "Presents" there a verb or a noun? --CH
Oh, a verb, [surely]. --AC


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