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A long word meaning bruise. One wonders under what circumstances "bruise" wouldn't be acceptable. In a pathologist's report...

Probably totally wrong on this - but I think Contusion is very slightly more specific.  A bruise can form due to an internal injury, whilst a contusion is due to external shock.  but yeah, it's probably just Jargon?.

Who else finds that contusing?  GDR --M-A
Yeesh.  Me am speak gud enlisch.  You am mock me not.  Contusion = what you mean by a bruise, brown bit of skin cause by bashing it.  Bruise = blood corpuscles under the skin, forming a brown bit - usually caused by bashing it, but has other potential causes.

Interestingly, the Russian term "kontusia" - taken from the same Latin root - appears to be closer to "concussion", not "bruise". http://www.pozvonok.ru/pozv/page_10_17.html, for instance, gives "General damage received by organism as a result of mechanical action (air, water or sonic shock, impact etc). It does not necessarily imply mechanical damage to tissue or organs (breaks, wounds, tearing etc). A characteristic symptom is the loss of consciousness. In light cases consciousness returns after seconds or minutes, in extreme cases it may be lots for days or even months. ... (article carries on)"


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