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Digital Versatile Disc
Digital Video Disc

.. depending upon which consortium you ask.

Little twelve centimetre circles of plastic, containing data and video.

The most wonderful thing about them?

People are throwing out all of their old (bulky, lower quality) VHS tapes.  Meaning more for me!  Yay!

I found WarGames?, TheLastStarFighter? and BattlestarGalactica for 60p total!  ...  I'm not sure who ripped off who ;)  --Vitenka
Horrified by the mental damage Vitenka must be doing to him/herself. ^_^
Oh, it's not too bad.  frzrrt too bad.  frzzt Help me!  I've been abducted by the late seventies!  --Vitenka
That sounds painful, can you get a TopicalCream for that? :)

I'm trying to buy a DVD for somebody as a Christmas present.  The one that I want says it's Region 1, but the DVD reader will just be a normal computer (which hasn't had alterations made to it).  Will it be possible to watch the DVD?  --AR
Mayybe.  It depends upon the drive the computer has - most can be unlocked, but most are NOT unlocked as default.  As default you will get 5 region changes (so from region 2 to 1 and back is 2 changes gone...)  --Vitenka

When the recipient tries to play the DVD, if they've got their drive set to the UK default of Region 2 then they'll be told that they're trying to play something from a different region. Depending on the player and the version of Windows they may be asked if they want to switch the drive over to Region 1, with appropriate warnings that this can only be done a few times in the lifetime of the drive. If they're not, it's fairly easy to find the drive in Control Panel and switch it over; but this will prevent them playing any UK or European DVDs, and the hardware won't let you switch more than a few times. If the recipient isn't  likely to use any other DVDs then that'll be fine, but if they do then that's not the best medium to play this DVD on. --AC

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