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Or the "Daily Torygraph". A right leaning British daily NewsPaper? (further right than the Conservative party, often --SF), and if I catch anyone reading it, I shall tut quietly while perusing the TheGuardian?.
Why do you read TheGuardian?? Looking for a job in the CivilService??
Moreover, why don't you compare the Telegraph honestly with other broadsheets? What separates the Telegraph from the Guardian and TheTimes? (StuartFraser has never read TheIndependent?) is that it better distinguishes abstract reporting from editorial opinion - it has both, naturally, but they're kept apart. Axes are ground on the inside pages as comment, not on the front pages as news; equally, it better keeps its reporting dispassionate than the Grauniad does. Oh, and it spells stuff better, too. Admittedly, the Guardian is the best left-wing newspaper around, and probably the second best newspaper available in the UK - but then there isn't much competition.
And the crossword in the Telegraph is actually doable. And the SundayTelegraph? has a nonogram, which is nice. Yes, I buy newspapers mainly for the puzzles, if I buy them at all. --CH

Humm.  Vitenka would have to say that the Torygraph is just as biased in its front page news as the Grauniad.  The Indy is yet another slant, and the Times don't seem to do any news at all any more.  Read 'em all and filter out the numbers, I guess.  --Vitenka

The Telegraph's obits page is often excellent. Rjk

MoonShadow tends to read the Guardian for the rants and editorials on Saturdays and the IT section on Thursdays; the FT is quite good for news if you filter out the financial bits :)


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