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One of SweatDrop's younger artists..

To link your name, put double brackets round it: [[Denji]] - which gives: Denji. WikiWords are only automatically made from words which start with a capital letter, followed by one or more lower-case letters and another capital letter (and then anything). So you need to force the wikifying if your word doesn't fall into that category. To sign off, though, you can just use ' --Denji' - the ' --' makes the word after it a WikiWord. That was MoonShadow fiddling with the code :) - SunKitten

I regretted deleting all of [Revision 17] that! It was beautiful ^^;;;; "*falls over*"

humm..very special thanks to MoonShadow and SunKitten for giving me webspace!! So now I am making a brand new more complicated set of websites... one of which will be an online comic... All the comics I have out now are way too old. People need to see my newer drawings... even they still need work ^^;; ... preview it at www.toothycat.net/~denji/gothicwhite.html  ...thankyou for the webspace~ --Denji

darn.i have to redownload ftp to get my  websitee back and i dont hhave  the password  ^^; ah well.still thankyou for giving me WEBSPACE!

[1] -cool cosplay website..i seem to find  new mangas by looking at this cosplayer ^^;

Ruki-san is the best '_'.

Welcome to wiki!  --Vitenka

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