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Author.  Primarily of (officially) children's books.

Everyone has their own website these days, and I guess linking directly to hers is the simplest plan.  [official autobiography] (wait.. what on earth would be an unofficial autobiography?  Oh well, she named it thus)

Do you mean 'The Year of the Griffin?' I really rather liked that, and its prequel, 'The Dark Lord of Derkholm' - they're set in the world where the fantasy tours she wrote about (The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, I think) take place - SunKitten
Yes, I do, the Dark Lord of Derkholm was cool, but I think by her standards the Year of the Griffin was a bit slow moving. Not bad, just not as good, anyway it's a couple of years since I read it.
Fair enough. Have you read 'Fire and Hemlock'? I really liked that. And 'Howl's Moving Castle' is also one of my favourites, as is 'Deep Magic'. I'm so looking forward to the film of 'Howl's Moving Castle' :) - SunKitten
Fire And Hemlock was rather fine. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned one of my favourites - 'Time of the Ghost'. Or am I being weird in liking it ? ;) I'm also looking forward to Miyazaki's vision of Howl. You never know, it might get a cinema release in the UK before the end of 2006. --Jay
I haven't read 'Time of the Ghost,' I'm afraid - SunKitten
Fire and hemlock is very cool, Time of the Ghost is very-wierd and different but cool, quite short as well I believe. -- SusanWakeling

She also wrote the very funny GuideToFantasyLand.

Recently a new book - The Merlin Conspiracy - has been released, its set in the same world as Deep Secret. I've just started reading it and so far it's very cool -- SusanWakeling

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Wikivic loved: Archer's Goon (one of my favorite books of all time), Fire and Hemlock, the Dalemark Quartet and a Tale of Time City...somehow i missed out on Howls Moving Castle, and haven't seen the anime adaptation either yet! I bought The Dark Lord of Derkhom but found it a lot less magical than the aforementioned titles (hmm...but is this due to being 10 years older?)
Maybe.. I'm not sure. I know I very much enjoyed it, not too long ago. But it is more humour and less 'ooh' than Fire and Hemlock, which is excellent - SunKitten

WeirDoe's favourites include: Dark Lord of Derkholm, A Tale of Time City, Deep Secret, A Sudden Wild Magic.


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