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Diploma in Computer Science. Essentially a Master's intended to convert non-compscis into compscis, except that Cambridge, in its ineffable wisdom, decided not to call it a Master's. So bleurgh to them >.<
(PeterTaylor) Unfair. When it was named, CompScis didn't exist. The question is whether it should have been renamed when it had succeeded in turning CS into a recognised discipline - and in Cambridge one can understand, if not necessarily approve, sticking to the traditional naming.
No, not unfair. It should have been a Master's from the beginning. The absence of a BA degree course doesn't mean one can't do a Master's in that course, does it? And what stopped them changing it? You try doing a Master's and then not being permitted the degree. Not that it makes much difference to me, personally, but it's still extremely annoying. - SunKitten
Because when they invented it, they didn't do taught masters causes.  Consider the Certificate of Advanced Studies in Mathematics... -- Senji
Then that comes under the same condemnation, and it doesn't answer the question of why they can't change it - SunKitten
They can't change Part III because of the way that it's funded (funding specified directly by statute).  I don't know about DipCompSci. -- Senji
There has to be something weird there because for subjects like Chemistry the four-year course is called a Master's. If it's just that that's the way it is when it was set up, I suppose SoBeIt. It is still massively annoying to have done the work but not be accorded the degree. Can they award a Master's without changing the name of the course? - SunKitten (knows very little about university statutes)
That's a National statute!  The other four year courses are a more modern innovation put in place under a Government initiative in the 90s (with the possible exception of Engineering?), and under the Government's original plan you would have had to have chosen at the end of the second year whether to do three years (and get a Bfoo) or four years (and get only an Mfoo); I don't know how Cambridge wriggled their way out of that one... -- Senji
Well, it still sucks (to use an Americanism). About as much as the Chemists, Physicists etc getting four years pretty much as they pleased while if a Biologist (excepting Biochemists, who don't count >;) wanted a fourth year they had to apply and go through the whole horrible BOGS thing and then get a research year not a taught year (not necessarily a bad thing but...). But the reasons for being slow to change are at least obvious in that case - SunKitten

CategoryComputing, anything else?

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