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If you have been invited to Douglas Reay's 50th Birthday Party, here are the details.

When : Saturday 20th October 2018, from noon until 6pm

Where : [St. Andrew's Hall]

St Andrew's Hall
St Andrew's Road

The closest train station is [Cambridge North] from where the [Citi 2] bus runs to Chesterton Road bus stop.

[Map showing route from bus stop to the location of the Party]
[Map showing Cambridge]

There is plenty of on-street parking for cars.

What : A party!  Food and drinks will be provided, as will a vast selection of board games.  If you can bring additional games (or distractions for children), or if you have dietary preferences or requirements we should be aware of, let us know!

There's an area for children, and a prize for the best medieval or viking feasting costume.

RSVP : Children and partners are welcome.  It would be helpful if you could RSVP to let us know (certainly won't be able to come / might, but unlikely / possible / likely but not certain / certainly will be coming) to help us gauge numbers.  [Send Email to Louise.Reay@Gmail.Com]

Wishlist : People have asked about presents.  None are expected, but if you really want to, [here's a list] of games Douglas doesn't yet have and would enjoy, and contact details for the desk at Heffer's shop in Cambridge which is kindly keeping track of which have been purchased. 

Category: Events

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