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Hub for stuff that's happening soon that you want to plug to ToothyWikizens and/or organise via the wiki that doesn't have or need its own page (perhaps because once it's over there's little more to say).


(stuff that is happening or probably is happening and has a date goes here)


those who can make it please let me know. --Steve
SunKitten (and MoonShadow)
Good by me - SunKitten
I'm afraid I can't make it, but have a good time! And keep us up to date when you're in Japan :D - SunKitten
Playing God?: Toward Machines that Deny Their Maker (RobHu will be at this)
Prof. Ros Picard (MIT Media Lab)
Faraday Institute will be showing the Test of Faith Documentary on Thursday 12  November instead of having Prof. Rosalind Picard speak on 'Playing God?  Towards Machines that Deny their Maker.'  The documentary will be screened at 5.30pm in the Queen's Lecture Theatre, Emmanuel College, as before.  The Test of Faith Documentary investigates the question 'Does science threaten belief in God?' We will be showing parts 1 and 3 of the documentary: 'Beyond Reason' and 'Is Anybody There?'  For more information on the documentary, please visit http://www.facebook.com/l/80478;www.testoffaith.com.  The screening will be followed by a free drinks reception and a bookstall.  All are very welcome. 
Ethics for the 21st century: emerging technologies and the challenge to being human
Prof. Nigel Cameron (President and CEO, Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies)
DR went to this one, and will put his thoughts at DouglasReay/NigelCameronTalk
Mere Mortals?: C.S. Lewis on Becoming Human.
Rev. Dr. Michael Ward (Author of Planet Narnia)"
DR can make it.  Do you want games for people to play? --DR
Sure, but be aware there's no guarantee there'll be any game-playing. It'd be good to have them around, in case. See you then :) - SunKitten
Vitenka very belatedly confirms attendance, and grins at the mention of games.  --Vitenka
Bah, we'll be back in Gloucester by then, sorry guys... --MJ
We have some lost property - a 'cheeky monkey' coolbag. Anyone know whose it is? - SunKitten
I'll be along if I can appease the dark gods of public transport.  Don't wait for me. --Edwin
I also plan to be there, it all depends on how my drive back down to Cambridge goes earlier that day... --Tsunami
Sorry - we're in Cardiff that weekend, but have fun :) - SunKitten
this sounds so good but we're away that weekend ;_; maybe we should do another in the middle of summer! --Wikivic
Unless you hadn't noticed, May appears to now be in the middle of summer...^_^ --Tsunami
I'm hoping it won't be the only ToothyPicnic? --RobHu
The ID cards thing is probably more interesting, but I missed the last WilliamLaneCraig thing and I regret that so I'm kinda committed to going. --RobHu
Many congratulations! I'm afraid I'll be in Hull at the wedding of DavidWaller?, but I hope everything goes fantastically for you. --ChrisHowlett
Seconded - the congratulations and the best wishes and apology. We'll be on a canal somewhere, but have a fantastic time - SunKitten

We booked our room at Minami last year ^^;; - SunKitten
And given how quickly it booked up again, you'll want to book for next year, right now.  Anyhow, I'll still be here then, so see you all then, then!  :)  --Vitenka
Update - I also have a flyer and some itinerary details for the Tokyo International Anime Fair Tour - let me know if you want them ^^ - SunKitten
Once again, a most convivial party - Douglas
Thanks :) I had fun - SunKitten
Twas a great occasion. Thanks for being fantastic hosts to a bunch of people showing up unannounced ^_^. And I finally got to meet many ToothyWikizens I hadn't seen before! Yay! Although I don't think I ended up taking Esca away with me, despite meaning to. --Requiem
M-A and Nat went with their housegroup, too.
The run finishing 27th March is sold out. There will be a revival from November to next April, for which tickets are now [on sale].

CategoryCategory? That way we can use it to mark recurring things with their own pages that aren't societies, like Calling..

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