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DouglasReay lives at 1, Chesterfield Road, Cambridge, CB4 1LN



On 2005-10-15 20:00 onwards  there will be a party, of the snacks and drinks variety, to which everyone we know is hereby invited.

Please bring yourself, and optionally something interesting, consumable, drinkable or weird. - this includes friends.

It will probably go on until well past midnight, but if you turn up early there may still be some mead left. (If you turn up too early, like miles before 8, you may get hooked into helping setup  :-)

If you think you are likely to come, an email to kitiara at gamebox.net beforehand would be appreciated so I have a rough idea of many to expect, but it is by no means required - the more the merrier.

That's October 15th - one week from today, 8pm at 1 Chesterfield Road.

I sent an email about a 9 days ago saying I'm likely to attend. But I'm unsure if it got read or not or if the address was right ( kitiara@gamebox.net ) ? --Taz

Yep, that's her correct address.  But don't forget that people are more than welcome to come anyway without emailing ahead... as usual, we have catered for a hoard of vikings.  Well, a small hoard, say half a longboat's worth. --DR
ITYM 'horde'. I don't think there was anybody who obsessively collected Vikings. Maybe a Byzantine emperor or two. --SF, who might come along but still isn't really sure.

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