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Why do people say Mead is heard to get hold of? Cambridge Wine Merchants on King's Parade have at least two varieties in stock. Or is that not "proper" mead? -- Xarak
RealPeople, in general, don't live in Cambridge.  And mead lovers are, I assume, much like fanatics of any other stripe, who will happily seek whatever of their passion is the hardest to attain, in order to praise it.  --Vitenka
Probably not, what is on sale tends to be white wine with added honey, rather than fermented honey - it also often runs to 9 a bottle, which is a little steep. One can get Lindasfarne mead somewhere in Cambridge, but that's at the sweet end of things. But yeah, basically it's what Vitenka said. -- TheInquisitor
Yes, Cambridge Wine Merchants do Lindesfarne. As well as at least one other... -- Xarak
The other being Moniac. So if you can't wait for the MeadOrder, try CWM. Although it would be more expensive. -- Xarak
The Stuff I brought to Candle? was from SnapDragon?'s MeadOrder. Speaking of which I think it's about time there was another one...
:raises hand: Seconded. --Requiem

NickTaylor on the CBOneCafe:

Heading out from town to the JugAndFirkin to feed my MeadHabit?, I saw the cafe. Returning by the same route, mead clutched tightly, I could not see the cafe. Possibly the presence of Mead inhibits the ability to find the cafe? -- NickTaylor

I like mead too.  I used to live near the JugAndFirkin (and indeed CB1) but now I am on the other side of town and haven't had mead for ages :-( -- Mjb67
The JugAndFirkin sell mead?  Cool.  I must try some at some point - I've never seen it for sale in this country.  I bought some mead (or rather some mjd) in Denmark and gave it to my dad for his birthday, but then I was ill while it was open and being consumed and so I didn't get to try any... --MikeJeggo
Kate had some at her Lord of the Rings party, remember? And we gave her some at the engagement party. You can get it from the Jug and Firkin, which is near you. You can get Frangelico there too. Yum - SunKitten
What's Frangelico?  Sounds like Benedictine spirit but for Friars instead of Monks? -- Mjb67
A liqueur, supposedly made by a friar. Has nuts in, tastes like liquid chocolate. mmmmm :) - SunKitten
About 20%, very very sweet, and tastes of hazelnut. Would be nice if it was less sweet. - Emperor
I'd forgotten Kate had it at her party, if I ever noticed.  I certainly don't remember drinking any... and, before anyone suggests it, I remembered as much about the party as I remember about any similar space of time, comments about intoxication are quite unnecessary.

According to the breakfast program this morning, it's now [thought] to be an [aphrodisiac].
Really?  It _is_ traditionally drunk at marriages (and honey-moons). --Mjb67
"Honey - One of the ultimate love foods, honey is sweet and spreadable. The word honeymoon derives from the ancient custom that for the first lunar month after marriage a newly married couple would drink mead (honey wine). Some cultures spread a little honey on the palms of the bride and groom and have them lick it off each other to ensure a sweet life together. The Egyptians offered honey to the God of fertility, Min. Honey is an aphrodisiac due to its rich B vitamin, enzyme and amino acid content."
So there you go...
Heh, great science.  They are performing a subjective study of _one_ newlywed couple... What's the point?  Publicity? Ah yes, their diary will be used as publicity material in National Chemistry Week in August --Mjb67

Also traditionally drunk by the ReeveOfJomsborg? and his companions.  And the rest of the Jomsvikingar?.
And indeed all right-thinking folk. --Mjb67
Including the GilbertAndSullivan? society on their annual jaunt to Cornwall in the summer. --CH

JackVickeridge? has told me you can get MoniackMead? at the CambridgeWineMerchants? or Bachanalia. I have not yet tried to do this. --RobHu
Yes, he's right they both do it. At CambridgeWineMerchants? they were 9/bottle, 8/bottle at Bachanalia --RobHu

SeeAlso: MeadOrder

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