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DouglasReay and Kitiara lives at 1, Chesterfield Road, Cambridge, CB4 1LN



Alas it is with great sadness that I must announce that I am leaving Cambridge.  But, before I go, there is time for one last Barbecue which will serve a number of reasons:
A house Cooling party
to celebrate my upcoming 40th birthday
a baby shower for our forthcoming child (the reason for the move, and why I can't celebrate my birthday in October)
a technology give away (obscure games, cards, cables and offities like a teletype)

I therefore declare that on Saturday 30th August there will be a BBQ.  People are welcome to arrive from noon onwards, and there will be food from at least 1pm to 3pm, with things probably winding up around 6pm.

Because I know I have a tendency to hideously over-cater for these things, indications of numbers will be greatly appreciated as far in advance as possible.  R.S.V.P. to Douglas.Reay (at) Gmail.Com  (Note: if the baby comes 2 weeks early we will have to cancel, and if you have not sent an RSVP we won't have an email address to tell you)

Everyone who knows us or wishes to come wish us well is welcome.

Argh! We're in Italy then - I'm sorry we can't come. But best wishes for the future, and congratulations on the approaching parenthood ^^ - SunKitten

I've been asked about baby shower presents.  We are ok on most normal baby stuff, but we have very few children's books, games, videos, etc. If you have a favourite child's author and have a copy to spare of their book, second hand is very welcome.

Previous BBQ

On 2006-07-08 19:00 onwards there will be a party at this house, of the BBQ and drinks variety, to which everyone we know is hereby invited.

Please bring yourself, and optionally something interesting, consumable, drinkable or weird. - this includes friends.
Would love to - but we're at my cousin's wedding that day. Sorry.. - SunKitten

It will probably go on until well past midnight, but if you turn up early there may still be some mead left. (If you turn up too early, like around 18:30, you may get hooked into helping setup  :-)

If you think you are likely to come, an email to dr105 at cam.ac.uk beforehand would be appreciated so I have a rough idea of many to expect, but it is by no means required - the more the merrier.

That's Saturday July 8th - 7pm at 1 Chesterfield Road.

That's today.  Lots of pimms, garlic bread, games, sizzeled meat, and veggie options.  Hope to see you there!

Douglas & Louise

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