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Hmmm, now what should I say here.

Firstly, I'm an Earith resident, living with DouglasReay. Professionally I used to be a service engineer in that oh so common field of IT, then I made a bit of a career switch into retail - aka persuading people that went out to not buy anything that they were in fact looking for just that product there and they want all the extras to go with it. Nowadays, I'm a full time mother occasionally contemplating returning to external work. Recreationally I mostly chat with online friends. Cycling also is a hobby, though one I tend to neglect in high winds, rain, cold weather, when I'm tired, and numerous other occasions.
Other addictions include Lord of the Rings Online, Eve Online, and Utopia --DR
Former addictions now. Current addiction - depression --Kitiara

This year sees me getting married in August (to aforesaid DouglasReay of course).
Yes, I gathered - congratulations to you both :) - SunKitten
Thanks SunKitten - LouiseBurfleet
Yep, we did get married - and still are --Kitiara

Other than that - well, I guess if you want to know, ask.

Addendum to my last message: I've tried sending chiark email but it won't allow ctrl X  grr.  contact me here by wiki - i will read if delayed again

TodayIAmMostly: zonked, after having bought a new house and a new car, both on the same day (2008-06-27) --Kitiara
TodayIAmMostly: Amazed that I last updated this 13 years ago.

Created Sudoku Puzzles : /Sudoku

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