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The Thoughtful Manifesto

Thought is good.

Thought is the birthright of every human being.  Having a brain capable of rational thought is what distinguishes people from animals.  To disparage thought is a betrayal of our achievements, our history, of our very identity.

It is the duty of every society, of every parent, of every thoughtful person to encourage thinking - to praise it, to practice it, to improve it, whatever the context.  Because the more you think, the easier it becomes.  Take joy in thinking, make a habit of it, turn it into a strong tool that you can trust and rely on.  Cherish it.

Because thought is the highest freedom.  Because without freedom of thought there is no meaning to freedoms of speach, belief or travel.  The person who tries to stop you being able to use your brain to its fullest or who tries to disuade you from practicing rational though is as much your enemy as the person who tries to lock you in prison.  Shun them.  Do not tolerate it, not for an instant.

Take pride in thought.  Stand up for it, defend the practice of thinking where 'ere it may be attacked.  Thought is your friend and ally, but it is under siege.  "Conform" the non-thinkers say, "Don't stand out, don't do what I don't do".  Fear, envy and laziness are the enemies of thought.  Thought is the enemy of the abusive, the mediocre and the thoughless.

Considerate people are thoughful of others.  Creative people are thoughtful of new ideas.  Great leaders are thoughtful of what must be done.  Whatever you do or strive for, thinking helps.  Thought is the blessing of society, the hope of the future, the essence of life.


Positive credit for the words and ideas behind this go to [Simon Tatham].  Responsibility for the way it has been stated above is that is DouglasReay

Yeah, thinking's good. I'm just not convinced that a lot of what geeks do with their brains qualifies as 'thinking'. --ChiarkPerson

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