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The Second Epoch

The World of ElementalOblivion has gone through its first Epoch of guidance by the Mages.  Elemental Strengths have waxed and waned, and the Hierarchy of Magic governing the World has been developed.  The first Epoch ended as a Great Flood was fought off, and balance restored to the elements, preventing any Mage from ending in a position of dominance.  Now the Second Epoch is to be written, and more tales of conspiracy, magic, elements and prophecy are to be told...

Scrolls of Guidance

/PublishingGuidelines - how the Mages should edit these pages

Scrolls recording the World

/HeartBeat - recording the current Beat of the Heart of the World
/WorldState - elemental strengths and Powers
/TheMages - the alignments of the Mages who bear the responsibility of guiding the World
/TheHierarchy - the very magic that controls the World

Scrolls of the actions of Mages

/HistoryLog - record Meetings here
/PendingVotes - record Proposals to be voted upon here
/PendingChanges - record changes which do not require voting here
/TheProphecies - record Prophecies here
/ActiveVotes - come and vote here

/ArchivedHistory - the archive of Meetings from before the current heartbeat

/DiscussionForum - for Mages to make public declarations, invite comments, and discuss the State of the World.

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