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Eden Chapel, also known as Eden Baptist Church (I think 'chapel' sounds nicer) stands by the GraftonCentre in Cambridge city centre. It's a middling size church that does a lot of work with students - it's one of the three main student churches in Cambridge, the others being CityChurchCambridge and StAG. It is a Grace Baptist church.

Eden is friendly, not too big and (I hope) welcoming. The sermons usually last between 25 and 35 minutes, the whole service lasting between an hour and a quarter and an hour and a half. The normal speaker is the Head Pastor but we often have guests and sometimes Elders or other members of the congregation speak. Quality is usually good although you can't guarantee anything with guests. I particularly like it because it encourages thinking (for me, at any rate). It's a pretty academic-style church, although that's not uncommon in Cambridge. Hopefully that doesn't mean it appeals only to academics..

One of the nicest features is evening services at 6:00pm, which mean MoonShadow and I can enjoy a lie in on Sundays (much to the dismay of Murphy the cat, who wants her breakfast at the unwholesome hour of 8:00am).


It does not welcome women. If you are women you must not utter a word or even *think* about leading (such a desire is against scripture and clearly of satan). Still, as many people who shall remain unamed prefer not to think this may be a good thing. I feel some sex changes coming on....

Hello, Lucy. Your point of view WRT the status of women and your point of view WRT StAG's rejection of Rowan Williams appear to be at odds with each other. Have you had a bad day or have you just been unusually polite when we've talked about my church? :) - SunKitten

Do they base that on [1 Corinthians 14:34-35] ?  I thought that was a gloss?  Have Eden Chapel read "Feminist Companion to Paul: Deutero-Pauline Writings" by Amy-Jill Levine ?--DR

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