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Bah. I look at my project in a profiler, identify where it seems to be spending a lot of time, optimise that bit without doing anything that should affect the rest, and reprofile it to see that function using a lot less time.  Then I time it running our benchmark, and find that it's slower.  It's probably cache misses or gremlins or something, but it's happened more than once now and it's getting irritating.

Reification for the sake of it, I suppose.  If you're desperate to contact me in a public sort of way, there's a decent change I'll read it.
WelcomeToWiki, may all your pumpkins be kittens.  --Vitenka
All my pumpkins are already kittens


MTG: Yet Another Aether Vortex followed by MTG: Psychic Network : The top card of your library is in play, but you don't know what it is.
Wow, excellent!! I love it. Some interpretations of the rules might say that MTG: Psychic Network's means of "revealing" gets subsumed into YAAV's, but I'd say they're conflicting static effects and so it goes on timestamp order. At first I thought they were replacement effects, but there's no "instead" anywhere. The spirit of the [rulings] do suggest that you shouldn't be able to see your own card (see the ruling before the one by Dracula). I have four MTG: Psychic Network if anyone wants to try to build this deck and can get the MTG: Yet Another Aether Vortexes... --AlexChurchill
Sadly, I suspect that it wouldn't be as much fun to play as it is to think about (rules issues is rather an understatement). But happily, with MTG: R&D's Secret Lair, your old Interrupts can now be in play.--Edwin
I don't even want to think about what an interrupt remaining in play would mean.  But it could work sorta like bluff poker - you have to guess from your opponents faces what you've got.  Or, being more sensible, you could have only a single activation cost on all your permanents.  --Vitenka
Wow, that would be a neat idea, yes. I'm reminded of the way that MTG: Illusionary Mask used to work, before Morphs: "I try to attack with the card on my head" is reminiscent of "I cast Terror on your face-down creature." "You can't do that." "Why? Is the creature black? Is it untargetable? Is there some effect stopping me playing spells?" "That information is not public at this time." --AlexChurchill

Can anyone recommend a good (or at least non-horror-story-laden) dentist? I've still not got round to getting one since moving to Cambridge.
I'm told the one at the end of Mill Rd is good, although I haven't tried them. I've been once to City Dentists, near Mitcham's Corner on Milton Rd, and she seemed to be competent. They had equipment far better than the university dentists', at any rate - SunKitten
I've heard the same about the one at the end of Mill Road, but I understand that they don't do NHS patients, if that matters. Nicholas Burnett & Assoc on Emmanuel Street do, though how good they are varies as the one who does the NHS cases seems to be replaced with alarming frequency.
I've been consistently impressed by Dr Perry at Cambridge Dental Centre, on Staples Roundabout. I'm on their books as an NHS patient, but I'm not sure they're taking new NHS patients. --AC
I don't think they are - I think I tried them, although it's possible they were the ones who requested I pop in before the appointment with about 6 forms of official ID - and they weren't open Saturdays . The City Dentists (now Cambridge Smile Studio, ugh) are taking NHS patients - at least, they registered me about a month ago :) - SunKitten
The one in Chesterton next to TheHaymakers - St Marks - has been good to me; also, Milton's in their catchment area.  Don't know if they're still taking on NHS patients, though. -- SGB
...and Ellie's with the Cambridge Dental Centre, and speaks highly of them.  She registered as an NHS patient a few months ago. --SGB
Thanks, everyone.  Now I have enough information to hunt one down to its lair.

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