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Before our age, before the gods were gods, they were mortals like you and I.

This is their story.

ElliottBelser suffered a brainstorm upon reading JRRTolkien's essays on how myths and legends developed (CliffNotes? version: Folktales about a boisterous, violent and hard drinking farmer named Thor preceded someone attaching the idea that he was like thunder and lightning, which preceded his promotion to godhood) and getting the DungeonsAndDragons 4th edition rules.

This takes place in the Points Of Light setting, only in the far distant past thereof, and the player characters are  1st level mortal adventurers who the legends of /MortalGodsPelor?, /MortalGodsTheRavenQueen?, /MortalGodsCorellon? at al are based on.  Arkhosia and Bael Turath are up-and-comers, great nations but not yet great empires (ForeShadowing?: your ticket to Quality Storytelling TradeMark?).

Recruiting.  Oh, god, recruiting.  I will launch this sucker upon the fourth player to sign up.  I would prefer 1 of each:

Defender (Fighter, Paladin)
Striker (Rogue, Ranger, Warlock)
Leader (Mr Shouty Guy... er Warlord, Cleric)
Controller (Wizard)

Clerics follow philosophies rather than religions, as gods do not yet exist.  Detail your philosophy and I will write up a Channel Divinity feat for it, with your input.

Damn you, this is so far up my street but there's no way I can make time to play it. --Requiem


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