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ElliottBelser is a cook, trained by TreasureIslandJobCorps (As of Monday, August 18th, 2008), and the dashing and romantic VisualNovel writer TsundereLightning by night.  Currently he employed at the University of California in Berkeley as a garde manger, which sounds impressive until you realize it means I make salad.
Congrats on finishing :) Do you get to be a MadChef? now? - SunKitten
They called me fools at the Job Corps center, but with my new phobotomic sous-vide cooker, I will show them ALL!  MuHaHaHa
And, um, does MadChef? mean anything besides that?  I'm wondering if a CategoryBritishism? is in order, given the number of transplanted yanks (and presumably SouthernAmericans?) on the Wiki.
-- ElliottBelser, no longer in the role of Everton from Chef?!
Is that the thing with Lenny Henry?  I vaguely remember enjoying it.  --SGB
I think it's not generally regarded terribly highly, but it's certainly no Chalk. The BBC's [comedy guide] calls it 'unlikely to be remembered as anything other than an efficient and workmanlike sitcom, which didn't break any boundaries, but did what it did perfectly well' --no-reverse
Yeah, that sounds about right.  --SGB
Sounds right: vaugely enjoyable comedy about a chef.  Also required watching in the TIJCC Culinary program.  That and Ratatouille. --ElliottBelser
"Garde manger" - an eating guard? --CH
No, someone who guards the manger.  Which apparently is full of sausage. --TsundereLightning

His LiveJournal is at http://L_The_Fangirl.livejournal.com. This is because he was very briefly flirting with the idea of being Elle, and eventually decided he liked his Masculinity?, ThankYouVeryMuch?.  Expect him to rant endlessly on GayRights and the TransCommunity for this reason.

TransformationSequence?  An autobiographical piece? Whatever are you talking about?
Well, loosely.  The places, people and things in it are ICantBelieveItsNot? UniversityOfCaliforniaSantaCruz?.  It's about as autobiographical as PhoenixFeathers.
Ahh. I had been wondering: it's an interesting topic to base a game around, and I'd been considering asking whether it was your own experience or one of your friends' that prompted it. Then I spotted your LJ interests list, so I'd figured it out a few hours before this ToothyWiki edit :) --AC

PolyAmory?  Me?  Surely you jest.  Now hang on a second while I talk to my girlfriend.  Er, and her friend.

On a serious note, wants to discuss TheScienceOfHealth.

Is running Rapid Eye Movement, a BlissStage game on the CURS wiki, over the CURS IRC #rem channel.  As that's wrapping up, I'm starting a PbP game at RPG.net called BlissStage/ChildrenOfChildren.

Has various BBSFBitU coals in the fire, as well - the BlissStageCCG, Webcomic/RapidEyeMovement? and BlissStage/VisualStage come to mind.  (Oh, and that stands for BiggestBlissStageFanboyInTheUniverse, FYI.)
My noodling around with those has been refactored to a couple of Scratchpad wikis, while shorter, more reasonable articles on the aspects you may be interested still remain. --ElliottBelser

Also wants to run /MortalGods, under same - a D&D game where you are the mortal adventurers the legends of the gods were based on.

Takes full responsibility for CategoryShouldBeAMovie.

Welcome :) - SunKitten
I'm a little late to respond, but thanks.

Welcome to here!  Yay for more random yanks.  Best clean up the bread crumbs, or there'll be a whole line of us :P  Give me a yell if you're in Sac! -hart

CategoryHomepage, CategoryAwfulPun

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