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A town in Germany.  The location of Spiel, which is *the* BoardGame convention.  Imagine TrinityCollege great court filled with vendors dealing with games of of various sorts.  Now fill up the rest of the courtyards in Trinity.  And add some of Trinity lawns.  Now you're getting an idea of the scale of the thing...  It's a four day event, and you get to see a reasonable proportion of what's happenning in that time.

Including Whewell's, Blue Boar and Burrell's Field?
Possibly.  I didn't take measurements ;)  More seriously, I'm not sure that Burrell's Field really has many courtyards, as I'd define them, and from what I've seen of Whewell's and Blue Boar, they don't add a great amount of acreage to the calculations.  So I'd say yes.
I've had a look at the website.  It claims 38750 square meters.  Trinity claims that the circumfrance of the court is 367m, which, assuming it's square, gives it an area of 8420 square meters.  So it's roughly 4 1/2 great courts.  You can probably subtract a great court and a half for the RPGs and comics, though.

Also German for 'food' and 'to eat'. Which might get confusing.


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