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It has been said that there are two Universities in Cambridge: the UniversityOfCambridge, and TrinityCollege. Despite the flaws in this statement (it neglects APU, and I think that technically TrinityCollege is a member of the UniversityOfCambridge, although the political structure of the UniversityOfCambridge is highly convoluted) the point is valid: whether or not it is _currently_ the case that TrinityCollege has more NobelLaureate?s than France, it is certainly an institution with a very strong academic reputation. It is also exceedingly rich: the story goes that a week before he died, HenryVIII realised that he'd messed his life up a bit, and having rather dodgy theology decided to do penance by founding a Cambridge College and giving it lots of land and money. He merged KingsHall? and Michaelhouse? and showered the assets so liberally that today they are worth 10^9 GBP. Curiously, Trinity students have a reputation for being rich arrogant bastards. Arrogant is the most fair element of the description, but relative to other Cambridge students it is still not especially fair. The truly intelligent in Cambridge are willing to concede the "rich" claim when one points out that a lot of people apply to Trinity because the College is rich, and they hope for subsidies which will mean they have StudentLoan left to spend on things other than food and accommodation. As to legitimacy, I can only say that I am not aware of any individual whose parents were not married at said individual's conception.

TrinityCollege's academic reputation is not matched by its sporting prowess: only in Bridge, Chess and DanceSport? does it dominate, although in recent years the /FirstAndThirdBoatClub have held the headship on a couple of occasions.

As with every college, there are various rumours, stories and traditions (the ClocklessTower, the /MallardSociety, the /WineCellar, the /RoofClimbingDean, the /ChairLeg, [[/Newton?'sAppleTree?]]) as well as the obligatory ugly 60's building (the /WolfsonBuilding?, which has glass horns on top).

Other rumours:

A non-rumour is that all the college /Punts have names relating to the number three.

TrinityCollege can be found pretty much everywhere, but its official postcode is CB2 1TQ .
Here's their [website].

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