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Many emails were exchanged during the playing of /LastFlightOfTheRavens. Several of these were, erm, silly....

Tom: "Anything I've horribly screwed up reality on?"

James: "I'm sure I could jury-rig something. It might be a coffee machine from an ion cannon but it'd still be something"

Jacob: "Blowing up the world has *cachet*"

Jon: "Dismembering Artan. One member at a time"

Rob: "I second the call for a final titanic battle"
- James: "We fight a showdown with Leonardo di Caprio on board a sinking turn of the century liner? Cool!"

Rob: "Messing with the weather patterns capsized quite a few floods"

Jacob: "Can I make it clear that Takashi's plan is NOT to have a tidal wave cast one way and charge in the other."
-Jacob: "Although now I think about it, charging 600,000 tons of water head on does have a certain appeal"

Jacob: "Keep your landmine shining a little ahead of the rest."

James: "Or I suppose we can try poisoned ballista bolts"

Jacob: "Might I suggest the time-honored half ton boulder between the eyes?"

James: "Only Artan would find pouring boilding lead onto helpless opponents dull"

Jacob: "That's *mister* daiklave-wielding-maniac to you, ma'am"

Jacob: "Bah! I laugh in the face of common sense!"

Jacob: "Asilano, would you go and find me a combat seismologist, please?"

Chris: "Asilano may have heard of the phrase "don't incinerate the messenger" but he is an insane mage with a lightning spell."

Tom: "Taphiran = archer = glorious death (with moustache)"

Jacob: "If any of you cheer [Takashi collapsing] I will have your scalps for my wigwam!"

Stuart: "I get a random diklave-wielding-maniac to go out on the top of the warwalker and attach L-plates to it."

Tom [as Lynn]: "There appears to be a demon following you around. That looks like a problem to me, especially since this demon apparently wants to kill you.

Jacob: "An intelligent idiot with *class*, though"

Chris [listing his character's notable succsesses]: "Hasn't yet been dismembered by the party."

Jacob: and deliver a goup de grace to any who are certain not to survive.
- Joe: It's like a coup de grace, but slimier.

Chris: "I am endeavouring not to give him a command that could in any way be interpreted as "alright, you can kill me now""

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