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It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind...
Yeah, this has been bugging me - so I do have to ask - is this a deliberate BabylonFive reference, or am I missing a common source?  --Vitenka
The First Age was the magic-as-technology Golden Age when the Solars ruled, that gradually became more and more rotten at the core. The Second Age was the age of the Dragon-Blooded civilisations that grew up in the wake of the Usurpation of the Solars, and the Realm that united them after the Great Contagion wiped out 90% of humanity. Exalted is set at the dawn of the Third Age - a time of struggle and heroic adventure, with the Solars returning and various evil plots coming to fruition. And yes, AFAICT it's a BabylonFive reference. --Requiem

WhiteWolf RPG with a very anime flavor.

Superhuman heroes/villians of five flavours walk a (flat, presumably) earth, fighting to preserve or destroy a thousand-year Empire on the brink of a civil war provoked by a succession crisis, whilst the forces of Malfeas (Hell) and the Fae await their chance.

Five, six and even seven-foot swords (think of the weapon wielded by Cloud in FinalFantasyVII?),
Or indeed [here]
lots of magic, large motifs that highlight characters when they use abilities, giant walking suits of powered armor, tranches of forgotten knowledge and power buried in forgotten cities.

And bureaucracy charms! -- Alicia^WSenji
Thus answering the question of who Senji really is. --CH

Inquisitor was let loose on the world, thereby providing indirect inspiration for many of the Exalted campaigns that subsequently ran in Cambridge. Sadly, the campaign page is lost, unless Edith or someone else (CURSWiki: Vitriol is a plausiable bet) has a copy somewhere.

StuartFraser was also responsible for a campaign, AllsFairInLoveAndWar, which survives vaguely on ToothyWiki. ChrisHowlett still has a copy of the campaign site, but it relies on .php, which his current ISP does not seem to support.

Currently somewhat favoured by CURS, probably because the five different types of hero offer something for everyone...

Hmmm....there's a "Which class of Exalted are you?" NetQuizzes/ExaltedQuiz there, if someone InTheKnow? has CopiousFreeTime...

An [Exalted TCG?!]  (TCG meaning CCG here).

Hmm, Jade and Orichalcum are obviously recognisable as magical on sight - but what about Moonsilver, Starmetal and Soulsteel?
Soulsteel sings/groans, and is otherwise recognisable due to its colour and general all-round "menacing bad guy material" air. Moonsilver and Starmetal are probably not easily distinguishable from steel by a casual glance, but I wouldn't have thought it would need more than a single success on a Perception + Craft (Weapons) or Investigation roll to find out.
Hmm.  I'm wondering how to disguise a weapon as non-magical...
Probably depends upon against whom you wish to disguise it... (he says, after desperately searching for a suitable preposition). - tjm
upon against whom - I like it.  Other people, of course :)

Hmm, since Creation has five elements, does it have sextessence where we would have quintessence? -- Senji
Erm, obviously not. Re-read Exalted:The Sidereals, and then look less silly... --SF
Which bit? -- Senji
Well, most of chapter 1, which refers endlessly to Quintessence... --SF
D'oh.  *shoots Exalted authors for not paying attention to linguistics* -- Senji.
I don't know, the 'reall world' has five 'elements' (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit) -- Naath
Yes, but the fifth one (whatever you chose) is what the Pythagoreans called Quintessence -- Senji
Earth, Air, Fire, Water and, uhh... Stuff.  --Vitenka
Slood. Easier to discover than fire, and only marginally harder than water. --Requiem

StuartFraser is going to be running an Exalted/Sidereals? one-off for up to 6 people at a random time this week. Note availability (Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun) here as well as signing up. People who play in AllsFairInLoveAndWar have priority. Having a location would be nice. I have a plot. I'll supply characters for AlexChurchill or anyone else who might want one...
Senji -  (too late now...)
Requiem - Wed, Thu, Fri
Edith - All week
AlexChurchill: thanks muchly for the invitation. However the only evening I'm free is Saturday, which you don't list as a possible day. I won't rule out getting involved in Exalted at some point in the future, but it will probably have to wait for me to acquire a slightly freer weekly schedule. Time to assassinate the organiser of one of my weekly activities - maybe GamesEvening.
TheInquisitor - Thursday
Bah. My plot probably doesn't work with a party size of 3 (four was the expected number; six was what it was designed for). It certainly wouldn't make any sense. (Noooo! Someone is going to destroy half of creation! Let's send three mediumly-experienced people to deal with it!). So I guess I'm not running it. Shame. Sorry all. :-(
Sorry to hear that :( --AC

It seems to AlexChurchill that introducing CategoryExalted? would be a good idea at this point. Much clearer than adding [[RPG]], because that could apply to any number of other things including a variety of CRPGs. AC also has a preference in general for using CategoryFoo rather than [[Foo]] for *categorisation* systems at the bottom of pages, although I'm happy to hear arguments for the other way. If anyone objects to the creation of CategoryExalted?, say so here within about a day or so, otherwise I'll create it and attempt to start categorising pages (help from other RampantOverCategorisers welcome).
Agreed and it makes sense, although single words are incredibly useful when discussing something out of context.  Whilst asking, is there an easy way to add code to RecentChanges to make it ignore changes to pages that include specific links?  There's a few I'd like to more easily ignore.  --Vitenka

If the pages have no meaning or interest outside Exalted, why not slap them in the Exalted namespace? That way, people who aren't interested in the campaign will find it easier to skip those RecentChanges entries just by skimreading page the titles, the way it currently works with the MagicTheGathering subpages; the general idea being, MagicTheGatheringWiki and ExaltedWiki appear to be pretty much self-contained parts of ToothyWiki, and I'd rather it stayed that way rather than the other way around. Vitenka - I've been meaning to add such code for some while now, but it relies on people using namespaces properly.. - MoonShadow
Sounds good.  Do you want me to go through and make a list of all the relevant pages? --M-A
Sure. Except that the same comment applies to Anime, which I would dearly love to be able to ignore more easily, and that doesn't have a namespace. So why should Exalted be a namespace, and not a Category? --SF (who knows what the answer is already).
Well, I can think of two reasons.  First, the obvious "because MoonShadow & SunKitten are interested in Anime, but not in Exalted, and they run the ToothyWiki", but there's also "because it's easier to glance at RecentChanges and ignore pages with Japanese names than to work out which pages might be about Exalted".
Aye, same laziness to both sets of people.  Plus I don't think this wiki supports Category/SubSpace?/LeafPage? ranking. --Vitenka
I could say a lot of things. I could say that anime is a general subject that newcomers might actually know about, whereas characters in your Exalted campaign are going to be of little or no interest to anyone not participating in it; and MagicTheGathering was relegated to subpages after a number of requests by ToothyWikizens; I could say that the proportion of visitors to the wiki interested in anime is much higher than the proportion of visitors to the wiki interested in Exalted (except I'd probably be wrong these days; ToothyWiki seems to have become ExaltedWiki lately). I could say that there's a world of difference between making pages on concepts from Exalted and/or other RPGs (cf MagicTheGathering, anime) and putting all your character sheets and one-liner jokes on lots of separate top-level pages (except that'd probably start off another flame war on the subject of LeafPages and tidying up after newbies). I could point out the flaws in "I think it's too full of crap to ever tidy up already, so it's OK to just go and make it worse".
After all, there are RampantOverCategorisers around to do the tidying... ;) --M-A
I could point out that if the wiki is a commons, it's polite to be considerate to others when using it for your private discussions, and if it's not, then it's quite right that it's geared towards the interests of its owners. OTOH, the bulk of the active posts these days are Exalted campaign material, so perhaps I'm getting out of touch.. - MoonShadow
:cringes: Some of this is my fault. I stuck my campaign homepage in my namespace due to not being able to write html. Players then turned up and started writing stuff in a September fashion without asking anyone if it was all right. I've just been having a ... conversation with one of my players about how his new pages really should have been subpages. --Requiem
Hey, don't worry - it's fixable, no harm done! - the argument is more about whether it actually needs anything doing about it and if so how to do it.. - MoonShadow

Oh - is it really nasty to the speed of RecentChanges for it to check for a category, compared to checking for a hierachy? --Vitenka
In one case, all the information required is already present in the RecentChanges log. The other would require the script to open and parse a file for every RecentChanges line. - MoonShadow

To clarify - I'm personally not bothered about things talking about WhiteWolf, or generic RPG or Exalted concepts. It's the personal stuff specific to your campaigns I'd like tidied away, if possible - just the same way that people make other personal stuff subpages of their homepages. Does that make sense - do people think that's fair? - MoonShadow
Yeah - more than fair. I'm going to move a lot of the stuff for my campaign off the wiki and to its own WebSite?, like it always should have been. --Requiem
Don't mean to hound you - it's OK for it to be here! - it's just that I personally think subpages would be nicer since it does feel like it's taking over on occasion.. ;) - MoonShadow
MemoToSelf: Think happy thoughts that you created the incredibly slow FuturWiki? and AmberWiki? rather than abusing the fine hospitality of MoonShadow and the ToothyWiki ;)  --Vitenka
Always planned to have a proper html website anyway. I just had an offer to host / write some of it, so I'll move what I can. I've asked my party to keep the conversation on it to the Xarak and Requiem namespaces. I'll be more clear about the sequel. I suppose I should be grateful for having such keen players. And thanks for being understanding and stuff. --Requiem Oh, and Vitenka - :P
Apologies, I meant not to offend, only to thank my stars that I avoided conflict.  Oh, and to blatantly pimp my site, of course ;) --Vitenka (You didn't offend. --Requiem)
Oh, FFS - I'm not trying to kick anyone off the wiki! Can't I discuss the possibility of tidying stuff up a little without people assuming it's an execution order, a personal insult or both? *muttermutter* - MoonShadow
Oh, I know. I'm moving it off cause /I/ felt uncomfortable seeing all this stuff pile up that a lot of people didn't have any interest in. I'm not feeling attacked or executed or anything. It's just that I'd meant to do this anyway. And I had been thinking for quite a while that I should be apologising for stuff starting to spread off my homepage and into other places. I'll even put a link to the new page on the old one ;). --Requiem
Well, it really is OK to stay! (as long as it's in appropriate subpages). I only got vaguely interested in Exalted seeing the discussion on ToothyWiki of the campaigns :) Wiki works and some people are interested in it beyond just your players. Nobody expects everything on ToothyWiki to be interesting to them - people keep random lists of books to order, dance steps, bookmarks here! All we're after is keeping it a little tidier. Don't feel like you have to run off to another site unless you really really want to! --AlexChurchill, who hopes that's what MoonShadow was saying too
Well, much of it's actually staying, for example Xarak, Amyra and the Requiem subpages about it. But some of it would be better on its own site with links, pictures, html-y goodness and other such stuff. --Requiem
Heh.  Ok, mass influx of pages of interest to no-one but me incoming!  Hang on, that's what I've been doing all alone!  Curses!  --Vitenka

... Someone mentioned the [school days version].  --Vitenka
Even I think that's really cool, and I've never seen an Exalted gaming session --AlexChurchill
It's utterly insane, at least.  --Vitenka

Ok, I have been browsing rpg.net for a while, and dayamm does the exalted combat system seem excessive.  Whilst, yes, it is emulating an excessive background, it seems really quite hard to actually run.  So - is it?  Am I just lost in the terminology, or do weapons have at least three stats and armour at least two?  --Vitenka

Well, yes. If you've played World of Darkness, it's the same as that. Weapons have 4 stats (5 in the optional rules), and armour has 2 (3). In play, it's actually not excessive - you just calculate everyone's combat totals and go with those. There's an initiative roll, then everyone declares their magic and takes their actions. There are 3 dice rolls involved in an attack (attack, defence, damage), and some simple addition and subtraction (multiple actions can be taken for a slowly increasing penalty, damage is strength + weapon + attack success - armour). There's a bit of a TCG feel to combat at a high power level (magic often feels like the playing of x or y card, and is hard to oppose without magic of your own), which the optional rules are designed to circumvent. With the book at hand, and ignoring some of the sillier rules, it's not hard to run. To run it quickly and competently takes a very good knowledge of the rules and a deal of experience as a gamesmaster, however. To work with any kind of surprise for the players, you need to be quite good at translating 'flavour' into 'mechanic' and back again seamlessly, which requires quite a knowledge of the world and background. It's also possible to break the system moderately easily, although with the recent changes some of the old strategies don't work any more.
Or, more accurately: the combat system doesn't work. Almost everyone who plays exalted modifies it to some degree. Edith ignores it entirely and keeps everything narrative; whilst I roll combats but ignore silly initiative rules (if you lose initiative, you can't both parry and attack). Having four-and-a-half stats for combat is ok; (speed (Wits + Dexterity + Weapon), attack (Dexterity + Combat ability + Weapon), defense (same; since the weapon attack and parry bonuses are the same for daiklaves, the most common weapon, and a few others, these two are often the same number), damage (Strength + Weapon) and armour (Armour + Stamina bonus) is fine - you just know them for your character (everyone writes them down, usually, and the NPCs in the rulebooks have them listed as well). The main problem is that a three second combat between eight people can take up to half an hour to resolve. --SF

(Once was) Available free and DRM free from http://drivethrurpg.com for a short time...  --Vitenka

[Exalted Utena. Mind melting now.]


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