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/DragonBlooded campaign run by TheInquisitor. Included ChrisHowlett, StuartFraser, Edith and Senji.
Was fun. Produced /Quotes. Also had an insanely high bodycount. Contemporary estimates were between 500,000 and 1,000,000. Amongst the more notable casualties were four Lunars, two Abyssals, at least three Dragon Blooded, several Wyld shamen, most of three cities, several warships, and one mook who we shot because the GM was keeping count of deaths in the final session as "Log mooks" and we couldn't do log 0.
I was keeping score on my velcro tshirt - and it occurred to me early on that I wouldn't have space, digits or inclination to resolve it more finely than that. The detail about log 0 occurred to me too late. Ah well. -- TI
It was assumed, although never specifically stated, the the log was to base 10. --CH

StuartFraser is slowly writing the campaign into something nearly approaching a readable story; although motivations of individual characters have probably been changed due to me not knowing in all cases what they actually were.

I might put bits I've written up here. OTOH, I might not.

The characters are showing a remarkable level of tenacity, despite the campaign having finished. Tulas is starring in 'Better to Light a Candle than curse the darkness' and has a city named after her in 'Echoes of Oblivion', in which Artan has had a cameo and Silus (Agent 32246) is a PC. Ilanin appears to be poised to appear in AllsFairInLoveAndWar (because StuartFraser had written plot that required an investigator with links to House Ledaal, and he'd already built one of them....).
Sound of quiet plotting...

''Invitation to other characters from Raven - cameos in Candle up for grabs. Anyone who doesn't mind their character making a cameo as an NPC (and incidentally saving me much work in character design) should email a brief description to iph20. --Requiem
I keep getting tempted to actually come and play Silas as an NPC there... He'd be Tulas' direct superior, and sarcastic as hell about things the PCs have been up to so far... -- TI
Cool. ^_^ Next session is more foreboding and beating of evil drums. After that it's all going to hit the fan.

You might have a bit if difficulty with Alicia, seeing as how she's dead and all... -- Senji

Excuse me, Teacher, excuse me, yes, those two campaigns over there in the corner... yes Teacher, those two... I think they're comitting incest
Three of them are at it now...
Only three? /LastFlightOfTheRavens, EchoesofOblivion, AllsFairInLoveAndWar, and BetterToLightACandleThanCurseTheDarkness is at least four. Jacob did ask to borrow some Sidereals from me for another campaign because they were running out, but that was a joke...I think --SF

Incidently, Inquisitor, what should I call a Sidereal Iselsi Silas, since I think he'd make a perfect Sifu for Nellens Anila Kira... -- Senji

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