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A comic, originating from the deepest 70's, detailing the adventures of 3 hippies ( and their cat ). I'll write a paean to it when I have time, 'cos it's brilliant, but for now, [this] and [this] should give you the basics . I'd be interested to know if anyone else had heard of/read it? -- Xarak
Well, I have a fair few of the comics as individual issues and the first two collected volumes. Oh, and don't forget the spin off series devoted to Fat Freddie's cat. - Jay
Of course :) That was very nearly as funny as the original series. -- Xarak
I still remember the strip where Fat Freddy, having been told to buy grass with the last of their money, comes back with what he has been assured are magic hemp beans; one of the other brothers throws them out the window, and the next morning there's a sixty-foot-tall plant outside the window. Except we discover that FF has indeed been conned: it may be sixty feet tall, but it's a male plant.
..and you're also not Jay, you're PlasmonPerson. Unless the two are the same ^^; - MoonShadow
Not unless the strain of being on call for work this weekend has finally snapped my mind in two... Jay

I also loved the one where Fat Freddy was sent to buy weed with the last of the cash, but decided to go to a bar on the way and have a few beers. When he tries to buy the weed he realises his sense of smell has been impaired by the alcohol and he can't tell if what the dealer's offering is fake or not. He buys it but it turns out to be parsley, so Franklin forces the parsley down his throat. Then Phineas says "What I bet you didn't know is that parsley in high enough doses is a powerful aphrodisiac!". The final frame is the next days newspaper "Insane Rapist Strikes City"... -- Xarak

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