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Since this has evolved into my homepage, I suppose I'd better put some RealLife infomation about me on here as well, so...

I'm Jamie Horder, a 1st year NatSci student at CaiusCollege Cambridge. Xarak was the name of my character in Candle ( see below ).

E-Mail : jh447

I'm a poor Assassin, having never made a successful kill in two games. I have cunning plans for next game though. I greatly enjoy gliding, when I can actually get out to the airfield. I play Ultimate Frisbee. I'm Chairman of the CU Astronomical Society ( so if anyone knows anyone who might make a good speaker for next year, please let me know! Anyone? ) I've liked what little anime I've watched, so I suppose I should go to CUCAS more often.
Just noticed you're a glider. Do you know Philip Scott? --CH

I'm planning to take up a martial art next year ( i.e when I have time ). I don't know which one. I was thinking possibly Kendo. Any suggestions?
Kendo is quite hard, and can feel sort of unrewarding to some - you don't really learn to Kick Arse and Influence People.  Also, some people assume your calluses are due to being BoatieScum?, which you might object to.  And it teaches you not to pull your blows (or rather, to bring your sword to rest a couple of inches into your opponent's head).  And the fighting style doesn't really work for LARP (at least not at my level of incompetence).  However, it provides the general improvement of spirit and body awareness that you'd expect from a Japanese martial art ending in "do", and looks good doing it.  I really ought to train more (read, at all). --NT
I've enjoyed TaeKwonDo for about 8 years now. It's basically Korean kick-boxing. It's a good work out, the school I train with doesn't do full contact - sparring is with gloves/helmet/shin and foot pads only, and there's a bit of ritual pattern learning, which is good fun too - the arty part, almost. And you always carry your weapons with you :) One of the girls there is doing Aido (not sure of the spelling) which is another Japanese sword form - SunKitten
Iaido might be what you have in mind.  It's dedicated entirely to drawing the sword and immediately acting with it. --NT
Yes, that's it, thanks - SunKitten
Yes, I went to an introductory session and that was exactly the impression I got. Kendo I think is not for me. -- Xarak
Maybe Tae Kwon Do would be better. -- Xarak

I read philosophy, etc :
Current book : Several at once, however my cat was sick all over one of them which put me off it slightly.

I'm going to learn to draw anime-style at some point.

Amyra is the reliativly new character from the guy who brought you Xarak and Mighty Ray.

The WWXD ( What Would Xarak Do? ) personal life guide is here. Ever wondered what Xarak would do in a tricky situation? Now you can find out and base your life on his subtle teachings. [WWXD]?

And on a less silly note, my Exalted Character Concept Generator is here, for when creativity would be too much effort.

Because I'm going to need it if I don't stop making these things, Why I Failed My Degree Generator

Because it's potentially useful, Spell Generator

Newsflash : Xarak, aka Mighty Ray Of A Jaded Sun, is dead. Not just undead, but gone, for good. Here's what happened. He attacked Shoat of the Mire with his AxeKlaiveChucks?, Shoat had a nasty orichalcum sword. He seriously injured Shoat with the 'chucks, Shoat seriously injured him but since he was so mighty, he barely noticed. Then various arrows killed Shoat. Syrtis then appeared, now an adept in a mysterious Martial Art, and pierced Ray with about 8 strands of pure fate, causing wounds which on their own would have killed a normal man instantly. That's when Ray got mad. Swinging his mighty weapon around him in a whirlwind of screaming blades, he burned all his Essence becoming for a second an earthly incarnation of the very concept of violence. The blades swung towards Syrtis twice. Twice Syrtis dodged. Then the axe blade came around again. This time, he wasn't quite quick enough. The golden blade cut a 2 inch deep gash up and across Syrtis' chest, shattering most of his ribs and redecorating his intenal anatomy in a more abstract style.

Ray laughed for about half a second. Then the two blades came around again and hit him in the face.

As he fell to the stoney floor, he felt the cold grasp of Oblivion on his soul and realised he could resist it no longer. His vision darkening, he caught his last sight of Syrtis collapsing onto his knees in a pool of blood, looking at his wounds in disbelief. As his awareness disintegrated forever, one thought went through his mind : He truly was the World's Mightiest Man, and he was so mighty than no one less mighty than himself could destroy him. It was always going to end this way...

RIP Xarak. "Live by the /AxeKlaiveChucks, die by the /AxeKlaiveChucks."

Oh, yeah. That's a fantastic epitaph. --Requiem

News From The Front : Xarak is no more...

...long (un)live his even mightier new form "Mighty Ray Of A Jaded Sun", Abyssal Dusk caste and death-fanatic. "You can call him Ray, or you can call him Jay, or you can call him Ray Jay..."

His best mate is no longer the Unconquored Sun, but death! DEATH! His favorite color is now red; his second favorite is black, but don't call him a goth or he'll...well...kill you really slowly and painfully, probably. He has also gained intelligence and social skills since he was known by his former name, and also now apparantly has a ( currently poorly understood ) method of turning particular people insane...

Xarak no longer suffers from paranoid schitzophrenia, but he now has no ability for empathy or compassion for other living beings. He still likes killing stuff but now he's sane enough to do it right. He also now realises that while psychotic axe murder has its place, cunningly getting other people to kill people is also a vital step on the road to death on a huge scale.

It has been said that he should get a nice constructive hobby. So he decided to do just that. Although, what he enjoys constructing are implements of destruction...his latest invention is the axe-klaive-chucks. Imagine a cross between an axe, a sword, and nunchucks. Then imagine that, chains fully extended, it's about 20 feet long blade tip to blade tip...


Xarak is the World's Mightiest Man (TM).

He comes from [here]

He has a big gold axe, lovingly referred to as "Axey McSlash?". He has a big black cat, "Xander", which once overpowered him and took his ale, which makes him the World's Mightiest Cat (TM). He recently developed paranoid schitzophrenia, but it didn't have much effect on his beheivior, because he was already a psychotic killer. Now he just psychotically kills a wider range of things for a wider range of reasons.

His twin goals are to life forever, and to be the Cosmos's Mightiest Entity (TM pending). One possible way of achieving this, he thinks, would be to go into the Wyld and fashion a mile high Warstrider. Another, and his personal favorite, would be to kill everyone else.

Xarak enjoys taking drugs, killing things, telling things that he is about to kill them, and gloating at things after he has killed them. But he also has a sensitive side. He loves his cat. He loves innocent mortals, so much so that he will go to trouble of killing them just to put them out of the misery of grief if he, for example, accidently kills one of their family.

Xarak's dislikes include non-axes, and Sidereals, who hate him just because he is outside of fate and can't see him with their astrology. He would like to introduce them to a concept of his own called axstrology.

His favorite color is gold. His second favorite is red. His favorite word is "mighty". His best mate is the Unconquered Sun. His Anima banner is a huge version of himself.

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