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Quite possibly the same person as ChiarkPerson.  Quite possibly not.  Posts from gw.plasmon.co.uk and appears to share many of the same beliefs.  Also posts unsigned and unsigned in.

Yes, it is the same person.  RossAnderson page.  Yay, one minor wiki mystery solved.  Now to try and find out whether ChiarkPerson has a name it would rather be known by.  (Damn English for its lack of a decent gender neutral singular pronoun, anyway)  --Vitenka
No - RossAnderson's edits are being made by chiark, ChipAndPin by plasmon --AlexChurchill
Aye, but simultaneously as part of the running thread.  --Vitenka (Mind you, it'd be nice if they are different people, then we'd have another wikizen)

There are certainly persons at Plasmon who are also ChiarkPeople.  -- Senji
Brain, hurting.. too many plurals.. too many pronouns..  --Vitenka

On a different note, (and to aggravate headaches), in this context, what about "they" rather than "it"? It seems "right" to my grammar-addled brain... --Jumlian
... person has a name they would rather ...  Person and they just don't agree.  And I can't use people there...  I naturally thought 'he' but that's wrong and potentially a mess, because this isn't "anonymous like a hypothetical or the reader" this is "anonymous but it's that one right there" - who may turn out to be a she.  Be glad that I didn't resort to shi or some similar abomination.  --Vitenka

Something tells me that ChiarkPerson, at least, is male - SunKitten
Can I ask what?  I think that too, but I find myself thinking that of everyone on the net.  Even (especially?) those with feminine names.  Even those who claim otherwise.  Sometimes even those who I have met and should be able to remember aren't.  --Vitenka
I am 90% certain of his identity, is why - SunKitten
Oooh! A coverup!  --Vitenka

Not really. It was, at the time, very obvious, to anyone who read both the wiki and a couple of other online resources. If he wishes not to name himself, that's his business :) - SunKitten

I thought ChiarkPerson's identity was pretty obvious, personally, even before. --rjk
I have met him precisely once, and that at a party, so no, not for me - SunKitten
Ok, here's an obvious question - do I know ChiarkPerson?  If I do, and still haven't made the connection, then I guess I am both happy to not make it and very very stupid.  --Vitenka
Not AFAIK, although it's a very small world. - MoonShadow
It is entirely plausible that you could have known him -- Senji.
*VorlonWibble* Yes *VorlonWibble* --Gwyntar
That's a 'yes' to the ambiguity of the meaning of 'know' then?  --Vitenka
I think you know him, but not very well and I'm not surprised you don't make the connection --Gwyntar
I dunn mind - it's not much different from my offline inability to recognise people :)  --Vitenka


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