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This page is just to see if I can write a generator.  Obviously, I can't.
Seems to work OK to me.. ^^; - MoonShadow

BNF: FlameRider/TrialGenerator

bnf ::= hername met hisname someplace  She said: shesaid  He said: hesaid consequence

hername ::= femceleb
hisname ::= malceleb
someplace ::= on the way to school. | at a cafe. | in a little shop. | at a film premier. | on the wiki. | On a bus to Macclesfield.
shesaid ::= "Who are you?" | "Get away from me, you freak!" | "Oh, hi." | "Give me all your money in a paper bag!" | "Have we met?" | "Ah, I see that you, too, are not of this place..."
hesaid ::= "Sorry, what did you say?" | "I was nowhere near the grassy knol!" | "Yo." | "Please don't kill me!" | "I know, I feel like I know you from somewhere..." | "Well, that was kind of random."
consequence ::= Soon afterwards they moved to Wisconsin. | They discovered a mutual love of pottery and went into business together. | Later that evening, she burnt down his house. | A week later, he wrote a scathing article about her in a small, unimportant village newsletter. | They lived happily ever after.  (Nausea) | (Consequence censored for reasons of good taste and the betterment of mankind)

femceleb ::= Beyonce | Kylie | Margaret Thatcher | Julia Roberts | Emma Bunton
malceleb ::= Keanu Reeves | Frank Skinner | Tom Hanks | Michael Howard | Sean Connery


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