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He who rides on the flames of imagination must expect to be burned by reality.  --FR
The rules are made by people who's brains don't work.  Adults refer to this as 'democracy'.  -D.C. Simpson, OzyandMillie?

FlameRider is the name I use for pretty much any Fantasy-type game, especially computer games, and was noticably the character I completed both Baldur's Gate 2 and NeverwinterNights with.  It's now the name of my own character in DungeonSiege.  Just think, a few years ago I might have been called FrostyDaSnowman, or, as some of my 'friends' insisted on calling me, Dragon Balls...
Thank heaven for small mercies.
Are you still reading?  Wow you must be bored...
I like slippers.  They are the finest creation in the history of the earth.
I'm 21
My real name is Tom Pearson
I'm a student at CanterburyChristChurchUniversityCollege, supposedly studying English and Music. 

I'm quite a fan of WebComics.  My favourites are MegaTokyo, WebComics/DominicDeegan, PhoenixFeathers (woot), WebComics/ElGoonishShive and WebComics/TsunamiChannel (if it happens to be working).
I'd like to be interested in anime, but I don't think I've watched enough to really qualify.  All I've seen is NeonGenesisEvangelion, CowboyBebop, Hellsing and my current favourite, ExcelSaga.  I also saw a weird film recently called Takegami, but that was just a bit disturbing.  I'm actually having nightmares...
(Added to this list are Trigun, ROD (Die and Dream) and something else I've temporarily forgotten.  I'm becoming a manga addict as well, having purchased all fourteen volumes of LoveHina in the first few weeks of term. 
Ugh, this is getting really bad now.  Ok, add to this most of Chobits and the first few of Negima.  Honestly, why did I ever read that first one?
Yet more!  Oh dear.  This one is called AiYoriAoshi.

(BTW, thanks go to K for originally editing this page.)

He he he... I googled for FlameRider and this was the firstp page to come up, followed by DuctTapeAndTheForce, and then some UT2004 player.  I feel so much better about myself.

(No longer true, but funny.)
Oh, and yeah, my username is in L33t.  So sue me. 

*Starts drawing up writs* Ah if only I were a lawyer or the law operated on the laws of MinSci. Welcome ^_^ --Edith
*helps Edith with writs* I know , I know. Well, at least I understood who it was when I saw him on RecentChanges - shame I was at CH's at the time and so couldn't reply right away. Nice to meet you, FlameRider, and welcome to the ToothyWiki. Bounce --Requiem
Oy, Alicia, we want a writ here... -- Senji
Stalker! Stalker, we need your spikes. And Beaurocracy?. Stalker! Oh, where the Malfeas? did he go? --TepetAsilano??

Finally managed to decode your name.  Hello FlavourRider?, and welcome to the wiki.  --Vitenka
Is that what it says?  Looks more like FlaivieRider? to me; I can't make that last mental jump. --M-A

Actually, it's Flamerider.  Sounds kinda dramatic, but there we are.  --PHL4IVI3R1D3R
Not in this font, it isn't :)  Oh! I get it, IVI for the 'm'.  --Vitenka
Yup. AlexChurchill got it, but only once it was pointed out that it was L33tsp34k.  And of course, welcome! StayAwhileStayForever...
CorkScrew is 1337 and got it at only the 4th attempt to figure it out

To me, it says (-log[H])(Lagrange point 4)(IntraVenous?)(Information, Interaction, Intelligence)(the R1 button on the Playstation pad)(half a d6)(8.3145) :D Only kidding. It's fun to hit stereotypes with sticks. --Requiem

I keep reading it as 'Piledriver', for no apparent reason. Possibly I need a reboot. --ChessyPig
CorkScrew prepares a suitably steel-capped boot for this painful yet productive process
Well I read it as "Philanderer" --Rachael

Since changing my username (thanks, Moonshadow:)), this little bit is utterly pointless.  Stiil, I'll hang on to it out of foolish noastalgia.  And spite.  Muahahahaha--FR

FlameRider/Scars *Sigh* and I had such high hopes.  It kinda floundered.  It's still there.  Just don't ask me to try writing any anytime soon.

Here's a new story: plot courtesy of Requiem: TheCityAndTheStars
In this campaign my character was Serena, who is probably one of the most character-based characters I have ever created.  In some ways she's a bit useless.  Archery is not nearly as useful as it would seem, but I guess she can take a hell of a lot of damage, and she did defeat an air-aspect one on one for her third battle.  I think Requiem made it a bit easy for us though.  For a start, I don't think we were supposed to stick around and try to take on the wyld hunt. 
Oh, and almost all my RPG characters are combat based.  It may sound boring, but I try to temper it with personality :)


I Am A: Chaotic Good Elf Ranger Paladin

Heh heh.  Oooo, warm fuzzies...

Yet another work of fiction, I'm afraid: just a short story, though.


I'm an avid reader, but what I read most of is, at the moment, Arthurian fiction, ranging from the nitty-gritty realistic to high-fantasy.  There are some very good books out there: I recomend the Warlord series by Bernard Cornwall, the Pendragon Cycle by Steven Lawhead (which has a very interesting, Christian viewpoint), The Pendragon by, um, some woman I've forgotten the name of, the excellent series based around Merlin by Mary Stewart (The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills and The Last Enchantment) {Is this what was televised as [Merlin]? --CH Partially. --Requiem} and, one of the most famous books ever (except no one's ever heard of it :)), the funny and thought provoking The Once and Future King by T.H.White.  Any/all of these are good, especially if you're at all interested in the subject.  For further reading, I'd suggest the Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper: not strictly Arthurian, but there are huge numbers of references, and it does feature Arthur himself in the last couple of books.
The Crystal Cave was televised a long time ago, early 90s, and was called, originally enough, 'Merlin of the Crystal Cave', and starred Robert Powell as Ambrosius (I think, it's ages since I watched it.  There may have been other famous actors, but if so I can't remember them).  Having read the review in the link above I can categorically tell you that it is not based on the Mary Stewart books, although once or twice a name is the same.  Having not seen it I can't really comment on the plot, but there isn't any Queen Mab in the books.  --FR

Since writing this, I have discovered two more Arthurian books by Mary Stewart, in the same setting, but not necessarily dealing with quite the same characters.  The Wicked Day is about Mordred, telling things from his point of view: I haven't read it.  I have read the Prince and the Pilgrim, though, and that's surprisingly nice and fluffy: a retelling of the tale of Sir Allesandre de Orphelain and... whatever "The Beautiful Pilgrim" would be in French, taken from "La Morte d'Arthur", by Morley.

Right, this is the first chapter of a much longer work of fiction.  It's in progress, but I have chapters 2 and 3.  Any comments anyone can make would be welcome.  FlameRider/Chapter1

So, it's come to this.  *sigh*  /FanFiction
I've become a fanfic addict.  This is very sad, since I was getting so close to being let back in to normal society.  Oh well, such is life.

This page just about sums up an opinion of mine... [Science]

Officially my favourite fanfiction!  [This Means War!]
Please excplain to me under what possible circumstances I should ever reead past the first sentence: "This fic owes its life to Anya's Naked Quidditch Match"  --Vitenka
It's an acknowledgement of the FanFic that first used Mmails, which are used quite often in this.  It's on the main Harry Potter FanFiction page.  And no, This Means War has nothing to do with it story wise, so you don't need to read it first if you don't want to. 
So... no nekkid kids flying broomsticks?  That's a relief.  --Vitenka
Mind you, that one's worth a read too, since the vast majority is about the build up to the game.  Funny, in many places, is not the word.
I liked the beginning of This Means War, but it got a bit out of character (if you can call it that when it applies to the whole feel of the book) towards the - well, not end, but current end. Fun, though, especially the first couple of chapters :) - SunKitten
Yes, likewise. I didn't like the direction the story took around chapter 4, but there were some bits before that that just had me laughing out loud. --AC
Pardon my quite reasonable skepticism, but I fear FanFiction as the swiss man fears avalanche.  Reading now, and laughing loudly.  --Vitenka  (I would read the whole series, rewritten as mmail, if only for the 'to' lines...)
A stupid question, is there such a thing as a 'someone-else' insert?  Because if HarryPotter isn't a MarySue, I don't know what he is - but he's not the author of the fic so...  The later chapters do change tone, quite severely.  Back to the insane comedy, I say!  --Vitenka
I personally have a very firm belief that characters who are granted omnipotence should either be granted it as the culmination to a story or should not retain it for very long. Oh, and what the author did to poor Snape was just *wrong*. Hmmm.. I wonder if the concept of suspension of disbelief can have any meaning with respect to HP? I mean, the canon is pretty hard to suspend disbelief for.. but this fic caused me to have problems in a way the books never did. Other than that, the start of the story is indeed extremely funny. - MoonShadow
You know, I didn't realise this was going to spark a discussion... guess I should have known though :)  I've actually been in contact with the author, who told me that he planned to do the last two chapters by the end of March, after finishing a fic about Harry and Pansy Parkinson *shudder*.  What really impresses me with TMW! is the amount of effort Jeconais puts into it.  However, common themes in his stories: Harry is ridiculously powerful, Snape turns nice, Voldie is comical, and Harry... er, prefers legs.  *blush*  --FR
Heheh. Actually, thinking about it, Harry in the books isn't particularly powerful or a genius (that's Hermione's role). He's brave, sure, but even what protected him from Voldemort in the first place wasn't him, it was his mother's love for him. I think I prefer it that way - invincible or unusually gifted heroes get annoying after a while, and it would have been so easy to make him one of those. As it is, he's an interesting character (when he's not being a moody bratty teenage boy, that is) - SunKitten
Speaking as a moody and probably bratty teenage boy- thanks very much.  I think it's a good thing no one here's reading my fic.  They'd die of nausea.  Or, possibly, frustration.  --FR
(PeterTaylor) I do feel that the author could have taken Snape's comments on grammar and spelling a bit more to heart.
OTOP If you're going to go the route this fic does - it doesn't go far enough!  HarryPotter is TheOne?.  Whoa.  (And yes, I'm sure it's been done, and no - I don't intend to read it)  --Vitenka

In fact, I love everything by this author, so here's my link to [[Jeconais Fanfiction]].  This is a new site, and has one or two nifty pictures in it.
And, [[this]] contains a link to where you can find some of the best HarryPotter fanart I've ever seen.  Actually, it kind of reminds me of SunKitten's in some ways :) (Art, not fanart, of course.)  Just ignore the ships she tries to promote, there are some very good illustrations of moments in the books: Harry at the bottom of the lake is one of my favourites.
There are two things that are very, very wrong with that site. First is that it actually requires pop-ups, and states so explicitly. The second is that, while I can understand the concept of a Harry-Hermione relationship (although I'd much rather see Ron-Hermione and Harry-Ginny), the very idea of Ginny-Draco is just SickAndWrong?. But yes, she appears to be able to draw quite well. --CH

FlameRider/AntiBushness  This is a very short article I wrote for my friend in Canada and sort of liked.  So I thought I'd post it and see what people thought/  *shrugs*


Right, a problem for anyone with a vaguely technological sort of mind. 
I recently purchased volume four of AzumangaDaioh on DVD, having bought and, indeed, enjoyed, the first three.  They al worked just fine on my computer's DVD drive.
This one didn't.
Every time i pressed play it would chunter for a few seconds, and then stop.  It was almost as though there was nothing on the DVD.
The obvious problem, given my track record with computers: the DVD thing is screwed.  Unfortunately, it's nothng so simple.  All my other DVDs stil work fine.
So, it's a problem with the DVD.  I know this, because I asked my housemate to try it on his computer, and that didn't work either.
I took it back to HMV, and asked them what the problem was.  They took the DVD and put it in their DVD player.
The damn thing worked fine.
I ended up buying a DVD leanse cleaner thing.  I used that, and Azumanga still doesn't work.
This is really annoying me.  Can anyone thing of a solution?
MOST likely, the DVD is borderline broken.  Luckily most of the other reasons it might not work are also covered by the fix:  Use some utility ('dd' is fine) to copy the disk to your harddrive, telling it to zero-fill errors.  It'll take a long time, if there are a lot of errors.  Then throw it as a competent player (vlc) which is able to skip the bad bits.  Hopefully they'll each be short enough to let you play anyway.  If that fails, you're in the doldrums of "The DVD spec is pretty crappy" and getting a better DVD drive is your only choice.  --Vitenka
Hmm, thank you for your quick response.  Considering your solutions, I don't think I can do that: my computer is a) rubbish and b) not connected to the internet, so I don't think that's really an option.  On the other hand, I'm considering getting a new computer over the summer, so I might just watch the DVD at home sometime, and then maybe it'll work on a new computer.  --FR


No idea if you still frequent here, but I've just received spam from phl4ivi3r1d3r at yahoo; you might want to check your account hasn't been hacked. --CH


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